Here's How You Can Help


Troop Care Packs would like to do more for our men and women serving overseas, but we are perpetually short of three commodities: Resources for supplies; purchasing/packing/shipping labor; and cash donations.

1) Better not to donate supplies directly. First of all, the box is only 12x12x5-1/2 inches, and we've thrashed out all the thinking on what is best for the box based on feedback from the recipients. Secondly, Ok Boxes can usually get a better deal as a 501(c)3 wheedling for discounts from suppliers, so each donated dollar goes a little farther. (If you're reading this and think that you can throw your weight around to get better pricing, please get in touch with Si Tenenberg via the "Contact Us" text link in the upper left hand corner. We would like to speak with you.)

2) Each box is unique depending on several factors. These include the season, final destination and gender/age/type of recipient. A winter box for a female staff sargent in Mazar-e-Sharif is way different than a summer box for a child in Kandahar.

3) Because of customs and some legalities of soldier's mail in a war zone, we are required to send our boxes via U.S.P.S to the government depots where they are transported by them to the recipient. That means dealing with the Post Office and it's pricing and lines and what have you. We have developed a relationship with certain stations that helps speed things up a bit.


Mouthwash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shaving cream, Mach 3™ razors, eye drops, beef jerky , Slim Jims™, trail mix, dried fruit, canned fruit, Gummy Bears™, instant coffee packs, tuna/chicken snacks, microwave/canned Chef Boyardee™ products, EZ Mac™ packets, Red Bull™/Monster™ drinks, protein bars, ramon noodles, microwave popcorn, gum, cigarettes, cigars, Copenhagen™, thick white boot socks, boxer shorts, white ankle socks, music cds (rap, hiphop r&b,etc) , dvds old and new, puzzle books, small board games (chess, checkers, dominos, etc), playing cards, 220v to 110v power converters, hair trimmer kits, battery clocks, white twin sheets/pillow cases, air freshner, Fabreeze™ in pump or spay cans


Moisture wicking shirts, baby wipes, gatorade (powdered), crystal light powder, footpowder, athletes foot spray, instant hand sanitizer, spf30 sunblock, lip baum, battery hand fans, batteries sized aaa/aa/9v, bug spray, fly tape, flea collars.


Wool hats, scarfs, sweaters, hand warmers, mittens, long underwear.


Ladies panties, sports bras, lip gloss, Chap Stick™ tampons, vaginal wipes, Mydol™, facial cleaning wipes, combs and hairbrushes, hand mirrors.


School supplies (pencils, pens, chalk, rulers, writing paper, erasers, scissors, tape, staplers, glue, coloring books, crayons, etc), children's hot and cold weather clothing and shoes. Beanie Babies™ and other small stuffed animals, small children's toys.


Dog treats, rawhide bones,squeaky toys, balls, grooming supplies, leashes, pig ears