These are letters home from some of the soldiers who have received our OK Boxes

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This is a letter from a soldier's mother, his letter is below.
Hi Si,
     I'm Charles Merritt's Aunt Connie. I want to thank you for sending my nephew care packages.
     Not only is your generosity appreciated but according to Charles everything you send is perfect. Of course being a Marine you would know what troops want in the field. He went on and on about how your package cheered him up.
     Thank you so much for reaching out to him. He is like a son to me and I'm crying while I'm typing this to you knowing I wont see him this Christmas but it makes me feel better that people such as yourself are out there that care.

thanks again
Connie Klein

19 December 2010
Dear Sonny,
     I hope this letter finds you in good health.
     I want to thank you for all your efforts on behalf of your fellow Soldiers over here. It has truly made a difference for my men and women. It‚Äôs very comforting to know that there are Americans out there that really do appreciate what we do over here.
     I can let you know that in my unit's 4 short months here we have made tremendous strides in running the Taliban out of their strongholds and have been able to hand those locations back to the people of Afghanistan. It‚Äôs truly impressive to see people that have been held captive for so long begin to stand up for themselves.
     As Christmas approaches all of us here hope that you enjoy this time with family and friends. We are proud to do what we do every day so that others can feel free to enjoy the holidays.

May God bless you and keep you safe too
From the mountain plains of Afghanistan
CW2 Kyle Williams,
Fob Walton

14 December 2010
     I would like to thank you for your prior service and for the package that you have sent. Everything went very quickly and the soldiers in my platoon loved everything. The hot chocolate and drink mixes were definitely a huge hit. Drinking water definitely gets old after a while, it is nice to have a change of pace.
     Our PX here is very limited. Cigarettes and dip go very rapidly and are very limited as to brands/flavors.
     The weather here is getting pretty chilly at night, but during the day it feels pretty good, at least for now.
     The end of deployment is approaching very rapidly and we are all excited to return home to our families. Four of us have had children while on this deployment, only two of which have been able to make it home in time for the birth.

I want to thank you again for your service and for the gifts that you have sent.
SGT Charles E. King,

13 December 2010
     I Hope I dont Appear Out Of line by requesting a few things.
     First off I Have already thanked you for the last package, but I would like to thank you again. It really was a great package, thank you.
     I am currently going over your letter and the list of things you can send . Here are the things I could use that you mentioned on your list.I could use a tan head beanie, long sleeve tan tshirt, beef jerky, dried fruit, tuna in water, LOW sugar energy drinks, energy bars, and cigars.
     Once again, thank you not only from me but an behalf of anyone who was unable to respond to your generosity, I know they are appreciative and thank you personally. In my mind You're the real hero, Helping those in need or that are in the depths of misery and BS, etc.

I dont think I can say thank you enough-
PFC Charles Merritt-B.Co 1/2 SCR-
FOB Holland / Tarin Kowt

13 December, 2010
Mr. Tenenberg,
     Thank you so much for your package. You have no idea how much it helped and we appreciate your support.
     I am a corpsman serving with a surgical unit in Afghanistan. My grandfather served in the Korean War and I would like to thank you for your service as well.
     Deployments are what they are but people like you make them so much better.

I would like to say God bless and have a wonderful holiday season.
HN Richardson,
Alpha Surgical Co. (Edi)

20 November 2010
     My name is Jason Wright, I am the platoon leader for 3/Fox Co 2-506th IN, 101st ABN. We received one of your packages and I just wanted to thank you for your support; the boys really appreciate it.
     Our platoon is located at one of the smaller COPs, very near the border; so we are not able to provide the boys with a lot of the things that the troops at the larger FOBs are accustomed to. We do not have running water or anything like that out here.
     We are all doing well and are very proud of the support we receive from back home, especially the WWII, Korea, and Vietnam guys like you.

Once again, thanks for everything,
2LT Jason Wright
3/Fox Co 2-506th IN, 101st ABN

15 November 2010
Dear Si Tenenberg,
     Thank you very much for sending that care package to me, I really appreciate it. I am 23 years old and in the United States Army, serving over here at C.O.P. Michigan. Which is in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan, we are located at the Pesch River Valley and we are the last outpost that stands in the way of the Korngal Valley since they have shut the other outpost down in there.
     We have been here since about May for this deployment and it has been pretty exciting so far. The Taliban out here are as bad as you would think, we get attacked on a daily basis. They seem to like letting us know that they don’t plan on going anywhere.
     Being out here on a C.O.P we don’t have many luxuries. We don’t always get the supplies that we need and end up having to eat MRE’s until a resupply gets in. Going days without being able to shower isn’t fun but there isn’t much you can do if a pump breaks or gets blown up, you just have to suck it up and grab a baby wipe. You get used to living in harsh conditions and adapt to your surroundings, I am glad I am with a bunch of guys that know how to make the best of it and still find the positives out here.
     We love care packages and they really keep our spirits high, especially letters letting us know that we are appreciated and not forgotten.

Thank you for all that you have done for the troops and for us-
Tyler Waters

11 November 2010
     Thank you very much for your care packages. My soldiers and I really appreciate your generosity.
     The 309th MAC is a route clearance company. Our mission is to “Clear” the Way of IEDs for other units. We have several platoons spread out all over the Helmond Providence. We are the only army Route Clearance Company attached to the Marines. So to us the mission is very important.
     As you can imagine the mission we have is a dangerous one as well. Our soldiers drive until they find a IED to disarm. There are two ways to do that, before it goes off and when you hit it. The second way is usually how they are found. At least our equipment is built to keep us alive when we hit one. The Marines are not as fortunate with their vehicles.
     Happy Veterans Day and Happy (1 Day Late) Marine Corps Birthday!

1LT Eason,XO,
309th MAC, Camp Leatherneck

10 November 2010
Mr. Tenenberg,
     Thank you for your letter and the support you are providing us. It makes us extremely happy knowing that there are people back home who truly appreciate what we do and support us.
     Sometimes I watch the news or hear people talking and it can be a little discouraging; it’s always a good thing to know that there are people back home that care.

08 November 2010
Mr. Tenenberg,
     My team and I recently received a care package from you. I cannot express to you how much it means to us to have your support. There are two Marines here on my compound, stuck with a bunch of Army SF guys so you can imagine the bantering and teasing that goes on.
     When I get such a great package from a Marine and rub in their face what you are doing for us, they have no words to fight back with. By the way, They send their appreciation as well.
     Please keep in mind we have a small group out here. We are doing Village Stability Operations in a small village here in Afghanistan. Our days consist of working with the local people, mostly elders, and trying to stabilize the area with education and security. Our men grow their beards out and when we interact with the locals we wear the local clothing. We have a small mud hut we use as a chow hall and have been lucky enough to have power to operate a microwave and refrigerator... when the generator is working!
     When we get a few minutes to unwind most of us find ourselves using our recently constructed driving range (two poles with a parachute hanging off it). There are no PX's near our location. We sometimes get supplies air dropped and on rare occasion they will send trucks. We will appreciate anything you can send.

Thank again. Semper Fi
SSgt Jody Danks/USMC

07 November 2010
     Wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that we have received more of your boxes out here in northwest Afghanistan.
     Our Soldiers always look forward to our supporters' boxes and you happen to be one of those who continue to provide those smiles in their faces, the one who provides hope and shows that people do care.
     I can never give enough thanks to great Americans like yourself for taking the time to show our troops that they our public's support. Everything you send is great and we appreciate everyone that is involved with this great project.
     Maybe one day, our paths will cross and get to meet the amazing people behind our troops.

Again, thank you for your support,
7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment
"Ghost Squadron, Ready & Forward"

10 October 2010
Mr Tenenberg
   Thank you so much for the package, the socks are awesome. I wore one pair for four days straight and still didn’t get any blisters. We're doing pretty good here so far. Some days are extremely busy while others couldn't be more boring. Hope things are going good for you.

Thanks again.
Michael Wiley, FOB Frontenac

06 October 2010
   Hi my name is 1SG Hilligoss, I am also a former Marine that is now in the Army (Long story). Thanks for the package, it was really well received by over 60 soldiers here on JCOP Leimbach in Farah province. We are the farthest outpost from anywhere I think. The closest PX to us in Kandahar which is a dangerous 12 hour convoy that is not worth the trip. SO you can see how important people like yourself are to us.
   For me, this is the third different campaign in my career, I was in Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom twice, and now Operation Enduring Freedom. So I have a little experience at this deployment thing. By far this place is the worst I have seen out of all those tours. Living conditions are bad and Px's are nonexistent here. Thank you again for what you are doing for the troops over here and know that you are our Hero for what you do for us.

1SG Hilligoss
FOB Liembach

01 October 2010
Mr. Tenenberg,
   I am writing first of all to thank you for your service. It is because of those like yourself and your uncle that we are still free today. I truly believe that your generation of Marines set the standard that we are trying to uphold to this day. We are very humbled by your generosity.
   I have read about the Korean War as well as Veitnam and there was nothing pretty about it. What I took away from it was to be thankful for what I have. I feel bad requesting this but I know the Marines would be grateful. If you could send some cigarettes, snuff, socks, and any cold weather gear from small to x-large it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for what you do, SEMPER FIDELIS
Gunnery Sergeant William B. Denson
1st Battalion 8th Marines, FOB Edinburgh

26 September 2010
Hello Mr. Tenenberg,
   Your box came in the mail a few days ago. We want to sincerely thank you for your support and warm thoughts. Each and every one of my soldiers was thrilled to be get some things because of you.
   We stillI have four months to go now but through all the rocket and mortar attacks, suicide bombers, IED's and other hazards - we have only had four people get hurt. No loss of life. Other units have not been so lucky.
   My guys and I continue to do our jobs knowing that we have good people at home like you that care. Please accept our thanks and know it is greatly appreciated! God Bless! Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.
   Proudly serving my country and my countrymen/women-


16 September 2010
Mr. Tenenberg,
   Thank you so much for your care and support. One of my marines shared his care package he received from you recently.  All of the marines enjoyed a little bit out of the box. :) The only thing that all of us request is SOX! We go through them faster than we had expected.
   When the winter hits, we could all use gloves, beanies, sweats, and sweaters if you are taking requests. If there is anything that you would like such as Marine Corps related stuff or some kind of trinket from Afghanistan, let me know and I will be more than happy to get it to you.

Thank you again for your support.
Lcpl Crystal Schmalzried

14 September 2010
Dear Mr. Tenenberg,
   Thank you so much for your support, you have been showing the troops for many years now. You are truly an awesome dude. My platoon and I really appreciate everything you are doing for us.  We have about 50 guys out here and we are all hurting on tan t-shirts and green socks. Our company is supposed to resupply us with that stuff, but you know how it goes.  Since winter is coming up, the guys were reading your list and we would also love to get some blankets and long johns and insulated gloves and head beanies and sweat shirts.  We could also us razors and soap and tooth brushes and toothpaste, and flashlights. Any snacks or microwavable food would be great as well.
   Also, the guys flipped when they saw that you had cigars, cigarettes and chew on your list, that stuff would be awesome, as pretty much the entire platoon has bad habits, haha.  oh yeah AAA and AA batteries would be awesome as well.  oh yeah chap stick and hand sanitizer would be awesome.  haha, thanks again so much, i feel like a grubby beggar right now, anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.
   My platoon is in COP MIZAN, Afghanistan. What makes it annoying is how far away we are from the rest of our unit, which makes resupply a nightmare and logistics here is apparently run like a side show at a circus, haha, you get my drift.  Thanks again so much

SGT Burry, Duncan,
Fox Company, 2nd Squadron 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment

10 September 2010
Hello Si,
   First let me say I apologize for not sending this out sooner as the internet has been a luxury here. Thank you to each and every one of you from all of us here at Gamberi Garrison in Afghanistan.  It takes a special person to do more than just think about us here and actually take the time, energy, and money to write and/or send care packages.
   There are now about 12 female soldiers and 60 male soldiers here.  We have no stores or post office. A bar what can we do?  Have internet once in a while or not at all...? We rely solely on people like yourselves for most or our personal items.  If we can, when a convoy comes in or goes out we can try to get them to bring us some things we may want or need.  We realize there are many who so
not have it as good as us though.  Some more remote outposts don't have anything.  They live in tents and use the outdoors for the bathrooms. No running water and MRE's to eat.  I count my blessings every day.
   Again Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!!!

From the soldiers at 82nd Combined Action Team, Gamberi Garrison God Bless and take care!
SGT Horne, Lisa

01 September 2010
Hey Si,
   I remember you from the valley and I did get your package, those are the best socks i own now, thanks for everything!! we only have 1 internet connection here and its a government computer so i cant get on facebook here.

Thanks again for all your support, it means a lot.
Kirk Calvert

19 August 2010
    We just received a care package from you. Thank you so much for your package. I also read the news article, thank you for continuing to serve our great nation by sending soldiers packages. I also want to tell you, from one veteran to another, thank you for what you have done for America.
   I am a fire team leader in an infantry platoon, in A Co, 1/2 Stryker Cavalry Regiment. Conditions are tough, but we will push forward and accomplish our mission. I, and my soldiers, deeply appreciate, and are honored, at people that we may never meet support us, and believe that we are doing a greater good.
   Winter will be arriving soon, roughly in November, and we are expecting maybe a foot of snow. Foot and hand warmers will come in handy quite a bit. Ressupply here is still somewhat an issue, birds can't fly if it the sand storms are too rough. Roads here are mediocre at best. Although the military has changed over the years, a lot of our conditions are similar to the ones you experienced in Korea.

Again I and my soldiers greatly appreciate yalls support.
SGT Edward Porter

12 Aug 2010
Mr. Tenenberg,
   I want to start off by thanking you for the care package. My soldiers certainly enjoyed being able to indulge in some of the delicacies from back home. I think what you are doing is great and it certainly makes us soldiers proud knowing that there are people back home that don't even know us but go through the great links to make sure we are as comfortable as possible.
   Being away from home and from family is never easy but knowing that we have the support of people back home such as yourself makes it a little easier and that much more worthwhile.

Thank you again!
LT Brent Davis

02 Aug 2010
Mr. Tenenberg,
    I would first like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my platoon while we are at war. It means a great deal that patriotic Americans have not forgotten us. As you have probably read we are an infantry heavy weapons platoon in the 101st Airborne Division currently operating in eastern Afghanistan. In our assigned area of operations, we face many threats from both the Taliban and al-Qaeda as they attempt to destabilize this very important region of the country. By fighting insurgents here, we can prevent them from moving into other parts of the country. Because of this, we live in a very volatile area. Support from fellow Americans means a great deal to us all. Being away from our loved ones for a year is very hard on all of us, but knowing that patriotic and freedom loving citizens take the time out of their days and money out of their wallets keeps us motivated. Because of how isolated our combat outpost is access to stores is nonexistent. and resupply infrequent. Again, please accept my sincerest thanks for your support of our troops. The seemingly simple items that you send us are vital for keep my platoon's morale high . Thank you for your patriotism.
Nicholas Orzechowski
1LT, IN Platoon Leader

07 July 2010
    I want to thank you for your support. The care packages are awesome and we really appreciate all that you send us. This war in Afghanistan has turned to the worse fighting yet. This is what we over here call are Vietnam. We may not have as many KIAs like Vietnam had but our enemy fights almost the same. We are fighting an enemy we cannot see. They ambush us and set out IEDs and we never see them coming. I just lost a young soldier on the 18th of June. We were on a movement to contact and were to push into a small town. As we approached from a trail that was the only way in, an IED went off and killed the young soldier plus wounding two other soldiers. I ask you to keep us all in your thoughts and to continue the great support you have given us. It really brings smiles to our faces to have a taste of America from time to time. God Bless, your Airborne buddy.
SSG James Lower, 101st ABN Div(AA)
FOB Wilson, Afghanistan.

05 July 2010 9:55:53 AM
Mr. Tenenberg,
    Thank you for your package! I am a Hospital Corpsman deployed with a Marine unit. I work in a Shock Trauma Platoon and essentially our job is to treat any type of casualty that gets sent through our doors, whether they are Marine or Afghan. My brothers and sisters in arms totally and whole-heartedly appreciate your support and the items that you sent.
A very appreciative Sailor
HM2 Jared Aguon

01 July 2010
Dear Si,
    I am a fire team leader in 3/3 India Co, 2nd Plt deployed in Hemland Province, Afghanistan. My team is current operating in Patrol Base Poole named after a Marine from 3/3 who was recently killed. We operate with approximately 20 Marines and 10 Afghan soldiers. As you would guess, items of comfort are few, and eating only MRE’s for many straight weeks is less than appetizing. There is no PX here so any food other than USMC rations is bought from the local Afghan market which is limited to cokes and chicken. Patrols burn though a lot of socks with all the canals and scorching heat. We don’t have any soap to wash our clothes or ourselves either so we are getting pretty crusty. We go through water like crazy because it’s all we have to drink There is absolutely no shortage of the Taliban here as we have done our fair share of fighting during our stay here which definitely increases morale as long as nobody is hurt. My Marines and I greatly appreciate what you do for us and are thankful of your compassion and patriotism.
God bless you.
LCPL Micah Fields

28 June 2010
    Please know that your package was well received by my Marines. The pace of life here in Afghanistan is kinetic and very fast most days except for the time it takes for mail to get to us. Please know that although the fight is not yet over, your Marines are sacrificing every day to make progress. I am very proud as you would be to serve in action alongside these young men. There are many unknowns ahead for us, but one thing I am certain: there is a faithful and loving God In Heaven who hears the prayers of his people. As I write, the poppy season is winding down. When harvest season dies down, drug traffic and insurgent hostilities will pickup. This summer will be hot for more than one reason. Please continue to pray for us as we press forward for the fight ahead.
Semper Fldelis
GySgt Al Penn

11 June 2010 12:04:16 AM
    I am SFC Timothy Kyer with the 1092nd Engineering Battalion.  We
are currently stationed in Sharana Afghanistan.  I wanted to thank you
for your thoughts, prayers, time and effort that you put into showing us
your support. It's a great feeling knowing that people do take the time
to think about us that are so far from home. I divided out everything
that was in the box between my guys and we really appreciated it.
Thank you and God Bless.
SFC Timothy Kyer,Task Force Red Dragon

02 May 2010 2:19:19 AM
Dear Si;
    my name is SGT James A. Giuffre, USARMY; I would like to thank you and yr friends for the wonderful care package. To my wildest dreams that I ever thought I would get a package from people who I never met let alone knew. I am very pleased to see that there are still people out there who still care for soldiers'; Americans; who believe in what  we are doing. My soldiers' were very happy to see the package and the socks but I had to choose to which one to give the socks too. Si we like the socks very much and the protein bars, this is what is needed here a lot, so the guys are very happy if that would come maybe in the next package   Sincerely;
 SGT. Giuffre
p.s. Si  if don't' mind can you remember in your prayers 2 of our guys who passed on to a new life. SGT Deveua, who is at Walter Reed Hospital from a suicide bomber who took his legs from him, and SGT Robert Barrett who was killed by the same suicide bomber, he was 20 yrs old with a 3 yr old girl. Just remember him if you can. Thanks

19 April 2010 5:31 AM
Dear Si,
    Let me start off by saying thanks for the care package that you sent to us. All the goodies in there was just great. It was recieved by my platoon Sgt he shared it with all of us. It feels good that we all have something in common with you. being deployed to protect our way of life. The poem really means alot to us. Well thanks again for your care package you made a great friend and we all thank you.
 PFC Morales, Kelvin

21 March 2010
Hello Si
    I hope all is well with you back there. I wanted to let you know what I have been up to. I was asked to go assist another Marine team in the northern section of the country and I was there for a little over 2 months. There are no vehicles to ride around in up there so there was quite a bit of walking done, we patrolled to all the local villages and met with some interesting characters. It is much more dangerous up there than it is or was down here in Jalalabad, It has been a whole 9 months since we first landed here and started to conduct our mission of mentoring and advising with the Afghan National Army. They learned a lot, or at least we taught them a lot on how to conduct missions. I guess we will see what happens when we leave. The Marines are done working in this area for a while and will start our focus more so down in the southern part of the country. I wanted to write to let you know that all the support and care packages that have been sent definitely made this deployment a great time. It was always exciting to see what came in during the mail call and then to see what was in the boxes.  You have sent many a great items that surely made our time here very pleasant.  For whatever reason you chose to support the team and I, I want to say from the heart, that reason was definitely fulfilled!!  All the prayers, the stay safe’s, the you are not forgotten, and the stories in the letters of life back there was great to read and receive.  .  There are not enough words I can think of to say thank you and to tell you just how much all this has meant to us!! 
To you I say Semper Fidelis, Godspeed, and wish you Fairwinds
From Embedded Training Team 6-5 in Afghanistan

15 March 2010
Mr. Tenenberg
   Greetings from Afghanistan! I was lucky enough to be surprised today by
a package from you I can't begin to express how much it
means to both my men and myself that there are people out there like
yourselves that care and support our troops like you do.  That article
from the paper was very interesting, it's good to see you get
recognition for all that you do to support the troops.  The poem that
your uncle wrote hit the nail right on the head.  I have actually hung
it up on the wall in our tent here at FOB Shank.  Once again, thank you so much
for your time and support.  Take care and have a great day!
SFC Darren Horton
FOB Shank

12 March 2010
Hello Si.
   My name is William Ray. I am the senior Medical Sergeant with SF ODA 1231, in Afganistan. We recently recieved a package from you guys. I have to say, we really appreciate it. These packages mean alot from home. We all rely on our families for support and they do a good job, but when Americans that we dont know go through the trouble to send us these things, it means more than we can say. Little things, like putting a pack of M and M's in your pocket and pullin 'em out when you are sitting on a rooftop OP for hours in the cold, go a long way.
Thanks again, Si. Keep up the good work, brother.

06 March 2010
Si Tenenberg,
   Thank you for taking the time to send the platoon care packages and writing a letter to us.  The Platoon is doing great and we are staying busy.  It has been weird weather here lately with a mixture of rain, wind, hail, and then heat.  It is going to be a hot summer here.  Right now we are good on a lot of items, but I know the Marines will always take packages and anything given to them.  Items that look like what we might need in the near future include:  socks, short sleeve shirts, chap stick, foot powder.  Just suggestions…
Thanks again for your devotion and your service. 
Semper Fi,
1stLt Benjamin M. Boera,Platoon Commander
Battery T, 5th Battalion 11th Marines,Camp Barber, Afghanistan

25 February 2010
SI Tenenberg,
   I am writing from Afghanistan to thank you for all your support. I am happy to say we received your packages and were thrilled to receive them. The items you sent were awesome and really made the holiday season. We just got internet so I am able to send this email.  I also want to thank you for your sacrifices as well.  You of all people know the sacrifices we make and the sacrifices you made for our wonderful country. We are three months into our 7 month deployment and things are starting to cool down. As you have seen on the news it has not been the best place here the last two months. You should know that we have almost got rid of the taliban in our area and the local people are great. They are so committed to establishing a good country and hate the Taliban who have oppressed them in fear for years. The kids love the candy we give them. There are not really any schools and only 1 in every 10 kids can read and write. They ask for a pen before candy because they love to scribble. We are forever grateful to you for your kindness and support. We are your Marines
God bless and thank you!
Ssgt Jason Harris

16 January 2010
> Hi,
   My name is SPC David Brooks I serve with the US Army, currently in Afghanistan. I would like to thank you for the care package. It was more than enough, and we definitely can use all the goodies. I am glad you included your email address because its actually quite hard to send a letter. I've gotten a few packages, and I would like to mail a thank you, but we can't send mail from here until Jan. 31.
SPC David Brooks.HHC 1/503d, FOB AIRBORNE

16 January 2010
> Si,
   Thank you for the care package. It was received some time ago. With op tempo I had not been able to send out a thank you note till now. I really appreciate the fact that you take the time out of your day to "Pay it forward". When I received your package I was quite relieved as you had placed some Starbucks coffee in it. You should have seen the heads turn when they smelled the Starbucks Brewing! Everyone in the office turned and asked if it was Starbucks. I had to quickly reply with Yes, I get the first cup!! Needless to say it did not last long. Now with the winter months upon us we are in to the 5-6 pot  Days and every now and then someone will ask, " WHO is hiding the good stuff", when they smell the pot brewing.   Thanks again for your dedication to your fellow veterans. It is great to know and see that our countrymen still have it in them!
Thomas R.Lemrow Jr. CW2 USA  AVN,UH-60 Pilot

16 January 2010
Dear Supporters,
   My request today is for candy, coloring books and pencils and pens. Our mission here in XXXX is to help build realtonships with the local villages and schools. As you know most here have nothing or next to nothing. Most class rooms have only one piece of chalk for three classrooms of about 20 kids. They have one notebook and only 4 pencils. Soldiers in our unit have been buying these things but cant keep up with the demand. Anything we can do here to improve future realtonships here will benifit every soilder stationed here. If you could only see these kids bundled up in winter clothes and blankets in a classroom with no windows trying to learn. I am sure you hear stories like this often but to see it in person is another thing.
Anything you could send would be a blessing . Thank You. God Bless America and supporters like you.

20 Feb,2010
    Thank you for what YOU have done for our nation.Thank you for your package and its contents, Ive read your letter inclosed, it has some very though out contents. 
Winter here is fleeting and soon to be a memory, summer is on the horizon and they are brutal. We generally have most of the things you have written that you can provide, some things we are short are the foot powder, body wash, the socks sound pretty cool, toothpaste, eye drops, and thats about it. 
Our team has no women on it, (Thank God) no drama's and no distractions. We are a SF ODA and thats about all I can say on that.Again Si, 
Thank you for the package and all you do and have done for us.

Damian McMahon, Camp Simmons

15 January 2010
   On behalf of the Marines of us at 2nd Battalion 2d Marines Armory, I would like to thank you for your unwavering and selfless support.  Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated and I have distributed your gifts throughout my Marines as well as to those who will most benefit. Even more than material items, we appreciate remaining in your thoughts. Your gifts also represent the love and support of the American people that is so encouraging to the young men and women that have answered our nation’s call to do the tough work in Afghanistan and provides an immeasurable boost to our morale and reinvigorates our dedication to our mission far from home.
Semper Fidelis,
Staff Sergeant Matthew C. Rogers