Photo Gallery of our kids from the front

There's nothing like a close shave every so often, even in the desert. Help us send important items like these to our men.

Here an OK Box recipient and his buddies divvy up the contents. We depend on your help to get items like these to troops thoughout Afghanistan and Iraq.

This shot shows a fireteam enjoying cigars thanks to OK Box. Help us help our men and women in uniform with your contribution today.

For some a game of chess is a welcome break from dirty, dangerous work that our armed forces perform on our behalf. Show your appreciation with a donation to today.

And we complain of the heat! The Middle East is home to some of the hottest places on Earth.

Dug in for the night, troops in a convoy prepare old fashioned "foxholes" to protect them in the event of an attack in the night.

Patrol outpost in Afghanistan. Grabbing some shuteye while they have the chance, an outpost like this has very little in the way of comfort or entertainment between patrols

Handler and his dog. Bomb-sniffing dog teams are widely used in Afghanistan to detect and avoid improvised explosive devices (IEDs)

Children of Afghanistan. Here, truly, is the future. If we can leave these kids with positive memories of American G.I. occupation, we won't be here doing this in a hundred years.

Rescue Misson in the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan. Never a boring day in the Kush! imagine the skill required for the pilot to keep the back end of this heliocopter grounded on this building's roof while civilians are evacuated into the aft cargo hold.

Winning the hearts and minds. American soldiers handing out candy and other goodies to these children help convey a positive image in a negative environment

Cold, Cold -20 degrees Fairenheit! With seasonal swings of up to 160 degrees Fairenheit in this country, it's rarely "nice outside" in Afganistan.

Here an EOD Technician defuses another roadside bomb. Improvised Explosive Devices, called IEDs, are responsible for more U.S. deaths than any other method.

Combat March

Jurga talking with tribal elders. U.S. troops are often able to help villages solve problems with water resources, hygiene, extro-tribal conflicts and other "regional planning issues".

Patrol during major sandstorm. Extreme conditions cry out for extraordinary remedies, and Ok Boxes spends a lot of research time finding out what those needs are.

On patrol.

Fire fight.