is a project with a mission:
Sending care packages to our armed forces serving in Afganistan

My name is Si Tenenberg. Since November 2006, I have been running an organization that buys, packs and delivers care packages to our men and women serving in the armed forces in Afghanistan. We have come a long way in the last seven plus years, delivering almost 12,000 care packages, mostly to troops located at forward and combat outposts embedded with the local military.

I continue to get many emails direct from individual troops in Afghanistan, both those that have received help from us in the past, and first-timers that have heard of our work. I go through as many of these as I can every night and select the most needy, compiling a list of 50 recipients to pack and mail boxes out to every week. Accordingly, each of my shipments go directly to one soldier, sailor, airman, or marine and they in turn pass out the goods to other troops in their direct command. Their return emails and letters tell me how much they appreciate the care packages. While some troops are adequately provided for, most of those at the forward operating bases and combat outposts are still in desperate need. This is where the bulk of my packages are sent to.

Not only are we supporting the combat troops and bomb sniffing K9 teams, but have significantly increased humanitarian packages for the children living in the local villages. School supplies, clothes, and other badly needed items are included, and emails from our men and women in arms describe how this approach to winning the hearts and minds of the local villagers helps get our troops home quicker. In these kinds of conflicts, needed supplies for the locals that come from American citizens are an incredible counterbalance to the terrible things that happen to non-combatants in this kind of warfare.

Although time hasn't changed our mission of supporting American armed forces overseas, it has changed the details. We are now concentrating on adjusting to the drawdown in our forces in Afghanistan. Instead of less need for our service, the reduced number of troops means that the companies that have contracted with the U.S. for food, laundry and commissary services are packing up their operations because the big money has been made. This will leave the prospective 12,000 troops that will stay behind to help train the Afghan Army and coordinate counter-terrorist campaigns in even more need than ever. These troops will be mostly in the more rugged and remote areas in Afghanisan, with less non-combat support than ever.

We are always looking for friends of the American Military that are interested in helping these brave men and women as they serve their country under difficult circumstances. Time and willing hands as well as money are all commodities in short supply. If you would like to help our men and women in uniform, click the Contact Us link and send us a message.

Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires

Mosaic of Alexander the Great

What do the Persians, Alexander the Great, the Indo-Greeks, Romans, Turks, Mongols, the Brits and Soviets all have in common? They all met the end of their ambitions in Afghanistan. Having Americans in Iraq is one of the most serious conflicts in our history, and its troops need all the support and encouragement we can give them.