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10 May 2014

picture of Si talking to visitors at the 2014 Morro Bay Car Show, 'Crusin' Morro Bay'

Today, Si has a booth up at a popular carshow, "Crusing Morro Bay". These events are very helpful to get out the word about TroopCarePacks, delivering his message to a sympathetic demographic: Classic car lovers. People come from all over the West to Morro Bay to enter their vehicles in this show, so Si gets the word out to people far beyond the county line as well as the many locals that attend.

05 December 2013

Si lands a great article in a local bimonthly that covers his program and how people can help. These articles are of immense help in outreach to people who would like to volunteer time and money to continue Si's work with our troops overseas.

02 November 2013

TroopCarePacks is featured in an article in the November 2013 issue of Journal Plus magazine, a prestigious monthly with articles about local residents and what they're doing. Great outreach to local readers about Si's program and how readers can help.

27 March 2013

Si was again interviewed on the Dave Congelton's Radio Talk Show (920 AM KVEC), Dave and his audience really like what Si has to say, so they keep having him back when there's new developments. This podcast covers the latest that Si has learned about the conditions our Afghanistan troops are facing these days as we start the pullout. It has been archived for those that haven't heard it, just click the link below.

27 March 2013 podcast

22 October 2012

Si appears again on the Dave Congalton Radio Show. This time the topic was the significant emergence of "Green on Blue" incidents: killings of our troops by Afghani Army extremist Muslim infiltrators since the President announced his withdrawl policy, giving specific dates. podcast is here. WARNING: it is controversial and pulls no punches.

22 October 2012 podcast.

14 December 2010

Si appeared on last Tuesday's beloved Dave Congalton show and was able to talk with Dave for about a half an hour. Si started with a synopsis of his program, the problems with supply lines and the difficulty in keeping our troops supplied with even the simplest of little extras to make our men and women more comfortable. Then he spoke about the process of getting a box into the hands of one of our men or women in Iraq or Afghanistan. Si wrapped it up with his fundraising efforts and the difficulty in getting help in this county, especially the city of San Luis Obispo.

Click to hear the 12/14/2010 podcast of The Dave Congalton Show with Si Tenenberg

Our Troops (not so) Secret Weapon: Bomb Sniffing Dogs That Root Out IEDs

soldier hugging his bomb-sniffing dog

Improvised explosive devices, called IEDs, are the most lethal weapon used against coalition forces in Afghanistan, and the military has spent $17 billion on high-technology solutions to counter the hidden bombs. But in the area of detecting IEDs, the military recognizes that its best tool has four legs, a tail and a strong nose for explosives. Despite all the money poured into defeating the devices, only half typically are found before they are triggered. But when paired with small teams of U.S. and Afghan troops, a dog team is capable of detecting 80 percent of IEDs.