Letters from soldiers receiving packages from OK Box and Troop Care Packs.

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25 September 2012, 05:11:09 PDT
Email: jimmy.powell8@gmail.com
Hello Si,
     I want to first thank you for your packages.We don't have a lot of down time but when i get the chance (about once every 2 or 3 weeks) I like to sit down and thank you all for supporting us.
     The boxes hold the equivalency to a mini Christmas. We are just a bunch of normal guys with a rather unusual job. We laugh and joke and make the best of the worst.

Watch that incoming

24 September 2012, 11:00:11 PDT
Email: steven.m.santucci@us.army.mil
Marine Tenenberg,
     It is part of my responsibility to stay in touch with the great Americans that contribute their time and energy to us.
     I have to share that when the packages come, it is somewhat like christmas for us. Most of the men that I work with huddle around waiting for the piñata to open so that they can push their way to the treats that wait. It is somewhat comical to see these grown Special Forces Sergeants, if only you could envision it.
     We have had a few rough ones since our last email, thankfully the big guy keeps a close eye on us, but the hairline keeps working its way further and further back on my head.
     All of the green on blue attacks make for a very stressful and exhausting day for both us and our Afghan partners due to the quiet mis-trust within the ranks. Being engaged with the enemy is a time when we really need to depend on each other to watch our 6’oclock. We are working through it thought together, it just takes time.
     As you can see.. our humor is what keeps us sane over here and I ensure that the teams health is monitored by their ability to retain a certain degree of it during the roughest of times.

Until next time, have a good one and thank you for your service.
CPT Steve Santucci,Detachment Commander
Location or unit

21 September 2012,
Email: email Address
     My name is Michael Moad, and I am the Commander of my team here again in Afghanistan.
     This time, my team is located in an austere environment, where we are living day-to-day with the limited supplies we have on-hand. We are currently without running water, but we live under a hardstand structure when we aren't patrolling day and/or night.
     We conduct multi-day patrols, live amongst the populace and live, work, and sleep alongside our Afghan partners. The supply chain is erratic at best, simply because we are located in such a hostile area. Therefore, we have to purchase local goods from the village bazaar to keep from eating MREs for our entire deployment.
     Surprisingly, we do have electricity, but it is infrequent and subject to the generator's maintenance and fuel supply. Our contact is reliant upon the generators as well, so our outlet to the outside world and home is often sketchy.
     Thank you for the time and effort you put into your operation. We really appreciate the help you provide in the way of 'non-essential' essentials.

20 September 2012, X
     The PX and the DFAC were both blown up so supplies are limited.. Personal hygiene items are super important! We are a platoon of both females and males.
     We are busy closing down one FOB and moving to another. Living is pretty rough right now without a dining facility. Any sort of food or snacks would be greatly appreciated as MREs get pretty old after 15 or so days.
     We should be up and re-established at our new FOB shortly.

SGT Stephanie Payne

20 September 2012, X
Email: 1LT Matthew Plummer
     We have settled in our new Operating Environment (OE) slowly but surely.
     In the first month here we took several casualties to include a good friend and fellow Platoon Leader and one of my Squad Leaders. This area is currently the most kinetic area in Afghanistan. The population is dense with noncombatants, which makes for a big gray area between good guys and bad guys.
     Not only is there a high threat of Taliban, we are also encountering just the average criminal. We are making very good headway in the area with a brand new security program. We have established Afghan Local Police (ALP) throughout our OE that have improved security dramatically.
     This, however, brings us into a question of corruption and how much is acceptable. This is a very sensitive area that can be effected by the smallest of events so we are learning how to walk on egg shells.
     This is an asymmetric war. It doesn't matter how many fire fights we win because there will just be more fighters in the morning. The real challenge lies in the thoughts and ideas of the locals. Trying to show that there more to be gained through peace and acceptance.
     My platoon recently opened a school in a region that has not seen a school since Russian occupation. There were over 200 children on the first day to include many little girls. This will be the first time girls will be allowed to go to school. The only thing my platoon asks for is for this system to work once we leave.
     Thanks to everyone that continues to show us support. We only get a mail drop once a month here and very limited computer access.

1LT Matthew Plummer

14 September 2012, X
Email: Roberto ALaniz,- U. S. Army ,Afghanistan
Mr. Tenenberg,
     We are 3rd Plt A Troop 1/4 Cav out of Ft Riley Kansas.
     During this deployment we have moved a couple of times in the past 3 months but are finally settled on our COP. We live in small concrete rooms on cots. Our roofs leak when it rains, and soon we will be moving to tents that will not have heat. The winter can be pretty harsh here I've heard.
     Hand, feet and body warmers would be great. Also, any fleece or warm blankets will help keep us warm when we sleep. I've heard from the unit we replaced that helicopters can't get in during the winter because of the snow, so last year they ran out of food. Please send us some food now so we can stock up before the snows come.
     Mail has been a little slow here so a lot of my guys aren't getting many packages and really could use a lift. Thanks in advance for any help and time put into helping us out.


09 September 2012, 07:46:45 PDT
Email: andrewdjay@aol.com
     I just wanted to send you a quick/short email thanking you for your care package.
     It means the world to us knowing that Americans back home are still thinking about us after all these years. Your generosity and patriotism are what keep us going over here when things get hard.
     It is truely our pleasure to be here, fighting the good fight, in your honor, the good people of the United States. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything.

SGT. Andrew Jay

07 September 2012, 23:51:28 PDT
Email: kristopher.m.wilcox@afghan.swa.army.mil
Mr. Tenenberg-
     I recently received a care package from you and would like to thank you
for taking the time to support and help take care of Soldiers overseas. Its contents were put to good use and shared among my fellow Soldiers.
     In a location were comfort items and necessities are scarce it is nice to have the support of people like you who are back home.
     Our unit has about 20 people. In response to the items you have available, I listed the items that would be useful for us. Socks ,T-Shirts,Foot Care Products, Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, Blankets, Dried Fruit, Beef Jerky.
Again, thank you very much for your support of the Soldiers deployed overseas.


07 September 2012, 22:46:44 PDT
Email: phillip.hart@afghan.swa.army.mil
Hello Sonny,
     My name is SFC Phillip Hart and I received one of your packages here in
Afghanistan. First of all thanks a bunch for the packages. It really brightens our days when we get mail here.
     I'm stationed out in the South Eastern part of Afghanistan on a small outpost with my team of 11 others. We don't have the facilities that others have so things are in need. Some of the things, we need would be laundry detergent, foot spray, tan T-shirts and the green socks. Snacks would be a plus because the meals out here are not really to be desired,
     Whatever your heart desires to send would be much appreciated. Thank you much for the love and support that you guys show all the military members over here. Believe it or not, you never realize what you have until you see the way
that the families live over here.

Thanks again,
SFC Phillip Hart
(Torque 7),SFAAT Team 2

06 September 2012
Email: chuckmccluck@hotmail.com
My name is SPC Medina and I am in the California Army National Guard. My unit 132nd MRBC just received some care packages here at Camp Leatherneck Afghanistan and I wanted to say thank you.
     We really appreciate the support and knowing people care makes the job that much easier and rewarding.

Thanks again.
132nd MRBC, California Army National Guard

02 September 2012, 03:56:30PST
Email: ghittob@yahoo.com
Hey, how you doing?
     I received your package today and it changed my whole day. TIhe convoy trucks came to deliver the mail and I didn't even bother to go to see if I had mail because I don't usually receive mail.
     When I got your package I was just so happy. May god bless you. When a soldier receive mail in Afghanistan that minute nothing can change his or her day I felt loved and felt like I wasn't forgotten.
     I don't know how much more to thank you I hope god bless you for helping me this package means everything to me.

thank you.
Ghitto Bonhomme

15 August 2012, 11:19:31 PDT
     Our advisory team is about done with deployment. We greatly appreciate your support.
     Your aid was not in vain for we, the coalition forces, do make a difference out here, now and for generations to come. We just got back from a patrol and did get contact.
     And I am so grateful to be with these guys who were still enthusiastic and motivated coming back to base. Thank you very much.

HM1(FMF/SW) Manuel, Eric R. USN,
2Bn/5Mar Senior Medical Advisor

13 August 2012, 12:42:13 PDT
Email: jtjustinjt@yahoo.com
     I am SGT Thompson, Justin. I got one of your letters in a care package recently. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a letter and support us while deployed. Also, thank you for your service to our country.
     There are a few items on your list that would really help if you were able to send them. Green socks and short sleeve shirts (L) are always in need, especially out here. Again, Thank you for going out of your way to help us while deployed.
     Whether the soldiers out here show it or not, we really do appreciate everything we receive.

SGT Thompson, Justin,
102nd Sapper Co

12 August 2012, 11:36:34 PDT
Email: grady.lowe@us.army.mil
     I wanted to take a few moments to send you a note saying thank you for the most recent package that you sent. I received it on Friday the 10th of August and cannot tell you the appreciation I have for you and your continued selfless service to my team and other deployed veterans. I know at times it may seem like the little things you do are unimportant, however let me assure you they are far from it.
     As I have stated previously, mail always brings up morale and the timing of your package could not have been better. The days before receiving your package have been pretty brutal here and the mood was very solemn. Well, that is precisely when your package came in and I cannot explain the sense of excitement as we opened it and passed around beef jerky, Pringles chips, Junior Mints and other snacks your care package contained. The morale was instantly up, and the entire mood changed. For a a little while things went back to normal and we temporarily escaped reality and the after effects of the previous days events.
     Bottom line Sir, I do not tell you that story for sympathy but to provide example and assure you that what you are doing is important. Little things like that touch so many Soldiers over here and our thanks can not be measured in words.
     I only talked about the snacks above but assure you other materials were quickly distributed as well. We are on a Small Outpost without a PX so demand is always high.

Thanks Again,
Grady D. Lowe, Maj,
Fa,Jrtc Ops Group (Airborne),Occp Laghman (Sfat)

10 August 2012, 09:30:10 PDT
Email: christopher.buch@hotmail.com
Si,Semper Fidelis and thank you!
     Today I received your package and I cannot thank you enough. I want you to know how much I and all the Marines from 2/10 Echo Battery appreciate what you do not only for us, but for all the troops overseas. We all volunteered for this, and I can personally say, I do this for all of you.
     This is my 5th deployment and it's great to know we still have the support, thoughts, prayers, from so many like all of you. We are getting ready to be relieved soon, so I will be sure to pass on your contact information so those that follow us can let you know if they need anything.
     I'm looking forward to wearing some good socks tomorrow. Know that there wasn't anything in the package my Marines didn't need, or couldn't use.
     We are on the home stretch of our deployment and we all look forward to getting home soon. God bless you all.

And from all of my Marines, thank you.
Christopher Buch,Sgt/USMC,
2d Battalion 10th Marines, Helmand Province, AFG

01 August 2012, 02:37:30 PDT
Email: charles.smith86@us.army.mil
     On behalf of myself and my team we would like to thank you for all the items you sent. Your package is the first we have recieved from a fellow veteran.
     This is my second deployment. First was Iraq in 2008-2009 now Afghanistan. This is my Soldiers first deployment but their adjusting nicely.
     We appreciate all the time and effort you put into servicing the troops. You provide an honorable service that makes being deployed to a war zone more bearable.

thank you,
SGT Smith and Team

22 July 2012, 0240:19, PDT
Email: israel.salgado@afghan.swa.army.mil
Mr Tenenberg (Golftank),
     Thank you for the care package you sent. The Soldiers of my unit and I certainly express our deepest gratitude.
     I thank you for your service as a Marine (Semper Fi). I gave the Marine Corps the best 4 years of my life (1990-1994) and they gave me a lifetime of memories. Again thank you and the rest of the congregation for the package.

In your service,
1LT Salgado, Israel,
1st TSC (CMRE) 593rd CLS V OIC

20 July 2012, 0709:00, PDT
Email: matthew.f.quinn@afghan.swa.army.mil
Mr. Tenenberg,
     Thank you so much for the care package! Receiving mail is definitely the highlight of any day, especially for my troops who are on their first deployment.
     It's great to know there are still people supporting us from back home. Attached is a photo of me tipping my cup of coffee to you as a sign of gratitude.

Thanks again!
Matthew F. Quinn, Major, US Army
2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Kandahar, Afghanistan

20 July 2012, 0531:23, PDT
Email: sonny_dur1@yahoo.com
     Hello my name is SGT Eugene. Just wanted to say thanks for the package and I really appreciate what you are doing. Supporters like yourself really help us find the motivation to continue our mission to win this war and reurn all soldiers home.

17 July 2012, 0408:54, PDT
email: benzgut78@gmail.com
Mr. Tenenberg,
     We can't thank you enough for your recent care package and all that you have done in supporting us. People (Even soldiers) take the little things for granted-- until they find themselves living in uncomfortable conditions. 
     Please know how much you've helped our soldiers morale and how much we all appreciate it. WE ALL THANK YOU for your generosity and for taking personal time to support us.  It's great to receive the little pieces of home when we are so far from it.

God Bless,
SSG Gutierrez, Benjamin and the HQ's gang
Bravo Battery, 2-32 Field Artillery

15 July 2012, 0409:08, PDT
Email: h.camachobustos@us.army.mil
Hello Sonny,
     First and foremost we want to say thank you for your support. It is nice to hear that we still have people that support the military.
     I received your package and I passed it around to the platoon. We appriciate everything that you and your support group has done for us. Anything that we get during our tour makes our live more bearable and it makes us happy. When soldiers get care packages its like a kid in a candy store. Thank you again and can you let your support group know that we greatly appreciate their efforts!

Semper Fi,
SGT Camacho, Hilario

14 July 2012, 2203:15, PDT
Email: golf4rt@yahoo.com
     Just a quick line to let you know that the platoon recieved your care package. It is always good to know that people still support out troops and are still praying for the soldiers over seas.
     As the Platoon Sergeant I always try to give the items in the packages out to those who need it, and in return we like to try to give something back.
     Attached is our latest platoon photo taken on the 4th of July.

Thank you again for all your support.
SFC Harris (Bandit White 4)

11 July 2012, X
     Thank you for all of your support. We appreciate everything you do for us. Hope you had a good July 4th. We had duty that day.
     t’s 135 degrees today and only getting hotter. I’m writing because the internet doesn’t work well during this high heat.

SPC Mike Tyler

04 July 2012, X
     Thank you for the care package. The living conditions here are rough. We live in wooden sheds with no air conditioning. We have intermittent electrictiy via a generator, 110 watt. We handwash our laundry. We eat MREs or UGRs for every meal.
     We do have some hot plates and coffee makers. There is no PX/chow hall here. Marines only access to goods is through care packages.
     We are a Police Advisor Team.

Thanks again,
1LT Mark Robinson, USMC

24 June 2012, 0141:26 PDT
Email: guinness386@aim.com
Dear Sonny,
     I would like to thank you for the care package. Since we don't have a PX or any kind of store, the guys and myself really enjoyed what you put in there. We also liked the letters from the students that were included. It's nice to know that the American people still care about us over here, regardless of the politics behind it.
     The CO and myself are from proud Italian descent, and we really enjoyed the Genoa salami, that really reminded us of home.
     Everything in the package is very much appreciated, including the socks. Socks are very important, I'm sure a lot of the guys have enough of them but myself being the senior medic its nice to have some extra pairs when on patrol so guys can change them out and keep their feet healthy.
     We're an infantry company on our FOB and there's no females here, but razors are razors, and wipes are wipes.

Thanks again.

23 June 2012, 1849:32 PDT
     Thanks so much for the package, it was a great suprise and the items were great. They were scavenged by my squad within minutes of arrival and they and wanted me to make sure I tell you thanks from all of them, I'm wearing some of the socks now.
     It is awesome that you do this for soldiers. It means alot to us to recieve mail, its pretty much all we look forward too. So I guess if you send another package to us our request would be some boxers lrg, laundry soap, air freshners, and sweartshirts.
     Sounds like were outta clothes and canned stink.
     Well, thanks again Si.
Much love ,

SGT Methner, Rupert
C Company Medics

22 June 2012, 2352:09 PDT
Email: andrewnayres@hotmail.com
     Hello from Afghanistan! Thank you so much for the care package that we received yesterday. It was a real blessing to see Soldiers receive many of the items that they were in need of.
     Most of the men that I serve with live in conditions that do not permit them to go and purchase day to day necessities when they run out. Needless to say, many rely upon care packages and the distribution of what is inside.
     It is truly humbling to be blessed by someone's generosity.

Thank you and Blessings,
Andrew Ayres (Chaplain)

10 June 2012, 0910:39 PDT
Email: troy.hardy@afghan.swa.army.
Dear Mr. Tenenberg,
     My name is SFC Troy Hardy with the DHHB, 1st INF DIV, FT Riley, KS. I'm a Military Police assigned to FOB Gamberi in Southeastern Afghanistan.
     I would like to first start by thanking You and The others for your kind support of giving to the soldiers here in Afghanistan. The world would be a lot better if more people like you show how much they care for one another. My soldiers and I greatly appreciate everything you are doing and continue to do for our Country, our MWD (Military Working Dogs) and the Afghan children.
     You started this with one book and look what you have achieved!

God Bless You and All Those That Help Make This Possible
SFC Hardy, Troy

09 June 2021, 0516.12 PST
Email: mark.j.grant@afghan.swa.army.mil
Dear Mr Tenenberg,
     Just wanted to take moment to thank you for all your support and kindness. We have received your package and have distributed it to soldiers in our Troop. It truly brightens a soldier's day and contributes to the morale during our long deployment.
     This is our 2nd Deployment outside in support of the war on terror. Our soldiers come from across the State of Michigan with many of them on their 3rd and 4th Deployments. Your packages often serve to bring a little bit of home and comfort to them on these long stays away from family.
     We are assigned to Shah-Wali-Kot district of Kandahar Province of Southern Afghanistan. The majority of our daily routine is centered on patrols with our Afghan Army and Police partners to local villages. Our area is rather remote, with no electricity. Generally the people are pretty friendly, but after nearly three decades of conflict, they are weary and pessimistic about the future of this country.
     We do what we can to make their lives a little better, building wells, improving roads, and teaching them skills to stimulate the economy.
     Again, thank you for all your support and kindness.

CPT Mark Grant
C-Trp 1-126th

08 June 2012
Dear Si,
     Hello and God Bless you for your generosity. Battle Co. 1-28 a bataillon of the Big Red One out of Fort Riley are blessed with your interest.
     With that said we do not have access to a PX and as a PLT medic it is frustrating to not have some of the daily medical items for things like sore and strained muscles Athletes Foot, Etc. Take my word on it, humping up and down these mountains everyday in full 'battle rattle' takes its toll.
     Also it is nice to have music of the christian nature for those who are of that faith.
     Thank you very much for your support as we are daily placing life and limb on the line for the wonderful and incompairable cause of freedom and the American way of life.

God Bless all of you.
SPC Jessie Venable

06 June 2012, 2010:21 PDT
Email: zcolburn75@gmail.com
Mr. Tenenberg,
     I am SFC Zachery L. Colburn Sr., I would like to say thank you from myself and my Soldiers. We greatly appreciated the package you sent.
     It makes me proud to serve, when I know there are still a few out there that really care about the soldiers!

God Bless you and your family,
Soldiers of A Btry 5th Btn 3rd FAR.

13 May 2012
     First I want to thank you for the outstanding support and assistence for everyone of us overseas.
     We are a detatchment from Fort Lewis WA in 5-3 FA, we have soldiers in the unit spread across multiple FOB's and COP's in Afghanistan. Allmost all of which don't have the luxury of attaining toiletries and snacks.
     Due to the supply chain being slowed down to border closures in Pakistan, most FOB exchanges have bare shelves.
     The soldiers that I am requesting for are lower enlisted soldier and it is there first deployment. If we could recieve any type of support it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

12 May 2012
lo, Si,
     I received your care package and let me tell you it did very much good for us here.
     We are on a very small outpost and have no amenities. Anything we get is sent to us. I want to thank you very much for what you have done. It is people like you that give me my reason for fighting. You make me proud to be an American/American Soldier.
     Your myoplex protein and King of the cage dvd was a big hit. We love the MMA/UFC stuff. Once again I want to tell you how much we greatly appreciate what your doing for us and know that nothing you sent us went to waste.

Thank you very much sir.

11 May 2012, 0900:39 PDT
Email: franksnow4321@yahoo.com
     Thank You for your support of us troops. You have no idea how greatful we are to recieve packages in support of us from people we dont even know :) It reminds us that there are still people in America that appreciate the sacrifices we make on a daily basis.
     We currently are stationed on a combat outpost for the next 9 months in RC East Afghanistan. For the first few months we were without running water, But by the grace of God we recently got it fixed. Its far from clean but we can rinse off in it.

Thanks again,
Tom Shann
RC East Afghanistan

10 May 2012,0103:04 PDT
Email: donald.miner@afg.usmc.mil
     I would like to thank you for the box of goodies that you sent.  I have a team of 9 others in my section that I shared the items with. We are very thankful that you took a few moments out of your day to think of those overseas fighting the war.
     We are VMA-211 “Wake Island Avengers” over here in Kandahar, Afghanistan, providing Close Air Support for the ground troops. This deployment could be worse, but is dangerous here none the less, have to carry loaded weapons at all times and we get rocketed quit often.

Thanks again for the support and thank you for yours service
GySgt Miner, D. W.,
VMA-211 (FWD)

07 May 2012, 0130:39 PDT
Email: brad.fabian@us.army.mil
Mr. Tenenberg,
     I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and the team I'm working with received one of your care packages the other day.
     Even though I am currently serving in the Army's 87nd Airborne, I started my military career in Dec 29, 1999 at Paris Island. I spent 7 1/2 years in the Marine Corps . In 2006 I joined the Army as a commo guy. I deployed once as a Marine to the Al Anbar Province in Iraq and then twice more to the same area in Iraq as a soldier. I'm currently on my 4th deployment and try to use my experience to help the younger soldiers get by.
     We don't have much out here but more than others. It's times like this that remind me of the quote "We the unwilling, led by the ungrateful, are doing the impossible. We've done so much for so long, with so little, that we are now qualified to do anything with nothing".
     So from the 1st BSTN JNN 2 Team and from one Marine to another Thank you and Semper fidelis.
     I'm not entrely sure what a 'former marine' is. I was always told that it's a title you carry with you until the day you die and even then you're still known as a Marine. I tell people that I'm just a Marine that works for the Army now.

SGT Fabian, Brad,
82nd Airborne 1st BCT

13 April 2012 0700:19 PDT
Email: six4stallion@gmail.com
     I don't have much time as I just got off a mission and have another one coming up soon, so its time for chow and off to sleep. I just wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for the care package as well as the kind note!
     I can't explain to you how uplifting it is to know that people care and show their support to us! You are one awesome person. You have definitely made my day and put a smile on my face when I didnt think that was possible!
     Your prayers are appreciated as fighting season has arrived. Have an awesome day and once again,

thank you!

11 April 2012
     I am in charge of a squad of infantrymen and am writing to represent them We currently live in Alaskan style tents that have 110 watt electricity. Up until yesterday, we had no AC or heat. Now we have intermittent AC service, depending on the generator at our location. It likes to turn off at least once a day.
     We were supposed to have showers and laundry services, but the generator that ran them has yet to work. So for the last two months we have been using water bottles and baby wipes for showers and laundry.
     We have no cooking capabilities for ourselves, but we occasionally trade with some of the local army to get some cooked local food. The little luxuries are what make bad conditions bearable.
     All my guys are still ok so far (Although we did have one miraculously close call) and, god willing, they will remain so for the remainder of this excursion.
     Every bit of help we get is a blessing from the good folks back home like you.

Thank you,
SPC Randal Charles Bachle

07 April 2012
Email: email Address
Mr Tenenberg,
     We live in small wooden shacks with barely any room to breath. Everything is either dirt or mud when it rains. We're at a base up north. We have running water but it's pretty dirty and non drinkable. We use water bottles for most everything.
     The laundry here sucks, We'll probably end up washing our own clothes since a lot of things end up "missing" after we take our laundry in to wash. The store here also sucks and most of the time you can't find the things you need.
     We snatched up a coffee machine but don't have any coffee to use, so coffee and coffee supplies would be great!
     Thank you so much for all the help.

Sgt Brandon Miller

06 April 2012
Dear Sonny,
     I am deployed again and this time it is to the land not so plentiful.
     I just got to my final home and life is bleek. Nothing is avalible here unless you want to pay outrageous prices at the local shop that set up right outside our gate.
     Day one a small bottle of body wash was 4 dollars, day 5 the price doubled to 8 dollars.
     Also, Tobacco products are valued like gold here because you can't get ciggerettes or chewing tobacco.
     God bless and pray for a good deployment and safe return for all of us over here.

SFC Calen Bullard

05 April 2012 1353:10 PDT
Email: marknbosman@hotmail.com
     On behalf of all the Soldiers here at COP Khiligay, a big thank you for the care package, and another big thanks for your service during Korea.
     The socks went to one of my "Evil Minions" who is notorious for destroying his socks.
     I guessing you were in Iran during the 60s or 70s. Such a shame to see Iran today compared to what it once was.
     Thanks again Sonny,

Take care and God Bless.
SGT. Bosman ,
COP Khiligay, Afghanistan

03 April 2012, 0506:04 PDT
Email: jeffery.ivey@afghan.swa.army.mil
     We received your care package yesterday.
     I am attached to B co 2-5 Infantry in the Chak Valley, Wardak province.  My responsibility is to advise and assist our Afghan National Army Infantry Battalion that shares the battle space with us.
     B Company is split between 2 COPs, so I forward about half of the care packages to our sister COP (Chak DC).
     Since the hot weather is coming fast, and our ability to do laundry is limited, The socks, shirts, lip balm, bug spray and fly tape would come in handy. What would really help would be drink mixes with a high vitamin count that we could mix in our water (.5 liter bottles).
     Thank you so much for remembering us...I think that is the most important thing.

Jeffery Ivey,
SFA 6th Kandak, Dashe Towp

01 April 2012, 0523:09 PDT
Email: cody.ledbetter@us.army.mil
     1st squad of the 978th Military Police Company would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We currently have 15 soldiers in our area of operation as they split our platton between Combat outposts, and receiving mail is one of our perks during this combat tour.
     We are providing security and conducting joint patrols with the local Afghan army and Afghan local police in search of Taliban as well as roadside bombs. Fighting season has recently started up due to the snow melting so please put my soldiers in your prayers.
     It seems our country is losing its appreciation and Patriotism that is once held at such a high level. I am grateful to know there are still individuals like yourself that have the dedication and honor to assist your soldiers in combat.

SGT Cody Lee Ledbetter,
Fob Airborne, Mayden-shar District, Afghanistan

21 March 2012, 12:01:11 PDST
Email: anthony.mccaskill@afghan.swa.army.mil
Greetings from the sand box.
     Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your support,
     I can tell by the items that you sent that you were definitely a former marine. It excites the soldiers every time that I come down with a care package, it's like Christmas. Thank everybody who helped donate.
     Tell them it makes a big difference. All we hear about on the news is how bad our people want this war to end and a lot of them are taking it out on the soldiers, so it's a breath of fresh air to know that we have y'alls support.
     If you don't hear from me don't think it's not because we are not grateful, its just that the current mission takes us everywhere.

Once again thank you so much,
Tony McCaskill

17 March 2012
     I am a Sargeant in the 82nd Airborne Division 1st Brigade Combat Team. This is my second tour in Afghanistan.
     Currently we are lacking PX/BX and require various hygiene products such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunblock, socks and feminine products. Snacks are also a welcome treat.
     But what really hits the spot in my experiance are letters of encouragement from the people in your operation. They always boost morale. One individual even put a picture of himself with his letter and one of my soldiers commented that it was nice to put a face to the words. I think the image reinforced the words written by the individual.
     Your work helps aid every soldier in this brigade to accomplish our mission here.

Thank you for your support,
SGT Yi, Chong, "ALL THE WAY"

17 March 2012
     We are living on afghan village standards, so very low on food and hygene products.
     Some guys need tobacco since we can't go to a big FOB or base due to our location. Even small toys or something we can give to Afghan kids is appreciated.
     Just to know people care is the biggest benefit of your packages.
Thank you so much for the support it does mean a lot!
Sean N. Wurzburg

16 March 2012
     My soldiers never complain when we go out for weeks at a time. They never gripe because we only get 20 minutes notice to go out on week long missions, and even though they rarely get decent sleep, they still give 100% effort in everything they do. These guys are some of the best soldiers i've had the pleasure to lead.
     We have a small post exchange but they dont ever have anything, supplies are always delayed. We live in tents, have [number deleted] guys in one tent and [number deleted] in the other.
     We have a chowhall but the nature of our missions make it hard to be here when it is open. We have no cooking ability. so if you send food it needs to be something we can just add water to. We have no access to microwaves, fridges or a freezer.
     Most of my guys smoke and chew but the px has not had either of these since we got here, which has been about 3 months.
     We have water for drinking but not for daily showers, so baby wipes would be of great use.

Thanks for your help,
SSG Timothy V. Mills

15 March 2012, 07:47:32 PST
Email: mikelang2664@hotmail.com
     I received your care package today - thanks.
     Note on the socks - you are right they are the best.

Thanks for your support,
SSG Mike Lang

14 March 2012, 02:32:38 PST
Email: tyffny.c.riordan@afghan.swa.army.mil
Hello Mr. Tenenberg!
     I wanted to write you and thank you so much for ALL the goodies! My folks were so excited.
     We are a group of Seabees (well, I'm their Corpsman) but we are with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Eleven. I am on det [detached service] while our main body is somewhere else. I actually take care of two different groups of my folks here. They are at different camps.
     Due to recent happenings which have been all over the news we are sure life will become a little rough for us in the future but our spirits are high and heads on swivels.
     We have only been here about a month and a half. It's been really cold here but we are hoping it will start to warm up soon.
     Again, thanks so much! We are thankful for anything people like you send us. It's the thought as much as the supplies, and we appreciate those that appreciate us!

God Bless you!
HM1(SCW) Tyffny Riordan

13 March 2012, 12:27:44 PST
Email: man_right_cha2000@yahoo.com
Mr. Tenenberg,
     I got your box last week and would like to say think you so much for it. It was a huge hit with my guys, they loved every bit of it.
     You guys are the best. Just wanted to say thank you again for you taking the time to send us a box.

Semper Fi,
SSG Michael Taylor

07 March 2012, 01:45:46 PST
Email: markedonecandidate@hotmail.com
     I just want to thank you for your support. We [military] do our job over here, but everyone else back in the states that support the troops do their job as well. Supporters like you and others help to keep the morale up and get supplies to soldiers when it means the most.
     Anything you offer is a blessing and every little bit counts. The stuff we don't use usually ends up going to the out to small OP's and FOB's that have a hard time getting supplies.
     So again, thank you for all your support and we appreciate everything.

SPC Joseph Moffitt

06 March 2012, 20:15:05 PST
Email: connorsjaycee@aol.com
Sonny Tenenberg,
     Hi my name is Jason Connors I am a warrant officer in the Special Forces serving in Afghanistan and stationed out of Eglin Air Force base, Florida.
     I wanted to send you a quick letter thanking you for the care package that you sent to me and my troops. As soldiers we often do not have time to even take care of the daily essentials, but I made it a point to wake up early today to write this thank you. So THANK YOU! I realize you probably do not recieve as many thanks as you deserve for the great stuff you send, but rest assured that my guys are VERY VERY thankful.
     You'll be happy to hear that your package actually reached the front line troops, as I'm sure you were hoping.
     It's people like you that are the reason we do what we do and appreciate the time and effort that you have put into sending us these badly needed supplies.
     I hope this letter gets to you in good health.

Thanks again,
WO1 Jason Connors,
Assistant Detachment Commander, 7th Special Forces Group

04 March 2012, 06:25:42 PST
Email: michael.walsh1@afg.usmc.mil
Dear Si,
     I would like to thank you for the care package you sent to me in Afghanistan.
     The socks are a big help, because a Marine is only as good as his feet. Changing socks is a huge thing out here to avoid getting sores or sometime athletes foot and be hurting on patrols.
     We enjoy your support. It makes us proud to defend America knowing we have people back state side who don’t directly know us, but still send us care packages and letters.
     I hope all is well in your life and that the future brings you great things in life.

Thank your people for me,
Cpl Michael.P. Walsh
NCOIC [Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge] , FOB EDINBURGH

17 February 2012, 10:44:26 PST
Email: joseph.gibson1@us.army.mil
     Just wanted to drop a line and let you know the socks are awesome. I gave them to the E-4s on the team and they gave rave reviews.

Thanks again,
MSG Joseph Gibson,
C Co 403rd Civil Affairs Battalion

17 February 2012
     We just received your package out here at PB Griffen.
     We are a four man advisor team embedded with the Afghan National Army and are the northern most unit in Helmand province.
     Our nearest US forces backup is up to five miles away, so every day the team pulls together to get through it.
     We've been in constant contact with the bad guys since we arrived here. Even on Christmas eve we had to repel an attack on our base.
     To stay safe we have started to wear parts of ANA uniforms because if the Taliban knew there were only four Americans here, we wouldn’t last long!

Thanks for taking the time to help,
SSgt Stuart Whitaker,
2/4 Golf,AT5

15 February 2012
     Where we are at it is cold right now but in the coming months we hear that it gets HOT, DRY and HOT.
     We are told the flies are very obnoxious and the scorpions are our friends because they kill all the rodents.
     We have a village close to us that doesn't seem to like us very much. Still, they often send gifts just to let us know they are there. Sometimes we have to send some back just to acknowledge them.

CW2 Jose Arriola

14 February 2012
Happy Valentines Day [sarcasm]
     We are in a small COP [command observation post] with no px or big camp near.
     The guys love those healthy snacks because we only get the same old army fatty chow otherwise.
     The weather here is cold and we appreciate the warm weather military clothes.

Thank You!
Thomas Madge,
SOTF-EAST [Special Operations Task Force]

12 February 2012, 08:00 PST
     Our unit is from Camp Pendleton, California and almost all of the guys in our team are on their fourth combat deployment.
     We are in a Special Operations unit and operate in the most austere environments while deployed. We are fairly fortunate but there are life saving pieces of gear that our supply chain cannot acquire.
     While conducting combat operations, we are carrying upwards of 125-150 pounds of gear and often times we have to sacrifice certain items due to weight considerations. Ultra-lightweight gear is vital to mission success and guys in the team are spending their own money on the things we desperately need.
     We are currently fighting in freezing temperatures for days at a time on little food and even less sleep.
     Your assistance is welcomed, it means a lot to everyone over here.

Thank you very much,
SSgt Eric Harmon, USMC

09 February 2012, 02:02:53 PST
Email: nathan.cleary@afg.usmc.mil
     I am SSgt Cleary, We received your care package, and I want to thank you on behalf of all the Marines here!
     Your care package was very thoughtful. The Marines here loved the snacks, protein bars, and hygeine products.
     We know that you don't have to send care packages to Marines a million miles away that you don't even know. That's why it's a huge morale boost here just knowing that we have people back home who care enough about us to show their support.

Thank you!
SSgt Cleary

02 February 2012, 22:55:40 PST
Email: christian.mancheno@us.army.mil
     I want to thank you for your generosity towards us. Your kindness meant not only a treat for us but a reminder of why we are here.
     Your uncle's poem has a meaningful message to the people of our country, indeed support is not a sticker on the bumper of a car but a few encouraging letters to a stranger who may face death or injury while protecting freedom and the American way of life.
     Actions like yours, the time and effort that you have spent shows us that we are being supported and that we are not fighting alone. Thanks for crying with us, it is not easy to be alone for so long in this dangerous and distant land, I salute your actions and contributions to the people of our nation.

Eternally grateful.
SPC Mancheno
Location or unit

24 January 2012
     My PLT [platoon] and I are still out here in Afghanistan. I would like to thank everyone that has supported me and my guys.
     As far as update's go, We are in a very cold area. It averages about 5 to -5°F here. We do have about a foot and a half of snow at the moment.
     The guys are enjoying some noodles (Ramen) and they are eating a lot of tuna.

Well I would like to say thanks again for everything you and your outfit has done for me and my PLT.
SFC Earl Ullom

20 January 2012
     First of all, thank you for your support.
     I am on a team of [number deleted] Marines located on a smaller base that does not have showers, running water, or hard structures for shelter. We live in tents, sleep on cots, clean with baby wipes and bottled water (if bottled water can be spared) and we have limited power from generators.
     We would appreciate items such as baby wipes (Alot of baby wipes, it's the only way right now to keep clean).

Thank you for your support. Sincerely,
James Bundy

14 January 2012
Mr. Tenenberg,
     Let me start by thanking you for supporting my guys, we are currently in very substandard living conditions.
     We live in a mud compound that has no running water. We get bottled water dropped to us. We have a wood stove for cooking and to stay warm.
     But on the bright side we do have a reliable generator for power.

Once again, thank you for your support.
Joseph Knight

10 January 2012
     We have no microwave or anything like that and we sleep outside on the ground. It's really cold at nights so blankets and that sort of thing would be appreciated.

Thank you so much
SSgt Dustin N. Hanson

05 January 2012
Dear Si,
     First off, I think this is an awsome thing y'all do for the troops. Many of my fellow marine families are unable to send packages.
     It is very cold here and the rainy season is on the way. We are severely under equipped to protect us from the bitter cold.
     We need socks and any cold weather gear possible. Also any food would be awsome as the MREs [meals ready to eat] get old pretty fast!
     Thank you for taking the time to help us. May god bless you.

Pfc Hayes, Sean, USMC

03 January 2012
     We live under primitive conditions and are forced to deal with insects, weather and boredom.
     We have access to campfires during some parts of the day, so we are able to boil water and cook from metal canteen cups. We mainly use this in order to make basic noodle meals and homemade coffee.
     We are all proud to be doing what we are doing and my Marines do not mind making sacrifices. Even so, support from people like you back home really gets our spirits up.