Letters from soldiers receiving packages from OK Box and Troop Care Packs.

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02 Jun 2013, 13:11:18 PDT
From: ramonmejia56@yahoo.com
Hi Si,
   First, thank you for sending us care packages, for your prayers, and support to the troops.
   A little about the unit GLT R9 (Georgian Leading Team). We came as a whole in December 2012 and trained up to March 2013. We left the states late April 2013 from Cherry Point, NC to Germany. From Germany to Kyrgyzstan and from Kyrgyzstan to Afghanistan.
   We work with the Georgian Army supporting each other in every mission, and in every way possible.We do back to back patrols+convoys.
   Right now were in the hot summer time and we could use spandex, regulation short sleeve t-shirts, snacks, energy products, baby wipes, gatorade/drink, mouth wash, body wash, shaving cream, deodorant, tooth brushes, toothpaste, razors, air fresheners….anything would help, doesn't have to be exact.
   Thank you all once again.

Cpl Ramon Mejia &
GLT R9 Unit 13934

  03 Jun 2013, 04:03:57 PDT
From: rodricbooker2002@yahoo.com
   I really appreciate the care packages that you sent to my team and me.  Receiving packages from those who support what we do here really boosts our spirits.

Thanks for all your support and help.
Rodric Booker

07 Jun 2013, 02:14:24 PDT
From: (Send IM) aethrashaethrash@aol.com
   Thank you so very much for the recent care package for me and my guys. I have been busy these past few weeks and had hoped to post you information for the guys but I have lost that sheet that showed what you had...
   We appreciate what you have to send and nothing is wasted. I always find someone who needs everything!! Thanks for your support and you hard work

Andral Thrash

09 Jun 2013, 11:15:34 PDT
From: shawnwilliams321@gmail.com"
Mr. Tenenberg and crew,
   On behalf of all my guys I would like to thank you all for the your support, and appreciate the care packages. Mr. Tenenberg, if you could thank all the people that volunteer I'd appreciate that too.

My Deepest Thanks,
SSG Shawn Williams

11 Jun 2013, 21:01:22 PDT
From: (Send IM to:) aethrashaethrash@aol.com"
Hey Si,
   This is Thrash at FOB Lightning.
   I haven't had a chance to put up a note about you and your opportunities; however the guys noted we are down to Ramen noodles and stuff we cannot prepare to eat. The guys come in and try to relax in our rooms during most meals. As you may recall, you try to save as much time for sleep as possible. That being the case, most our "lunchbox" items are gone. We are down to noodles and granola bars. That said anything you can send that doesn't require anything more than hot water would be of help.I have a good supply here now of most the health care items you have. Except I could use a box of band aids, maybe two. My CLS guys are starting to ask me for more and I only have a few. The aid station is low as well.
   We also have lots of "PR" with the locals which results in lots of chai time. They always bring out there "sweet candies to serve with the chai. We would like to be able to offer some of America's sweet candies over chai to keep the locals from always spending their dollars on us and to let them sample some of our sweets. If you have bags hard sweet candies, send them.
   That's the gist of it right now for us. Never a demand or a request but always an informative email to help you send only what is needed so nothing is wasted. Our excess is shared first amongst this team, any supportive team with us, the FOB and finally (and within reason) our ANA counterparts. We are grateful for anything you do send.
   I noticed in the paper you sent, that many of us say, "each package is a mini Christmas". This is soooo true about packages that come to me. The guys will gather around for me to open the packages. Last week none came in and everyone was reminding me that "we did not get any packages", Lol. I am blessed with a good group of guys and we are all honored to have been selected for this mission.
   The saying about give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a life time - defines our mission.

Bye for now,
Andral Thrash

11 Jun 2013, 23:36:59 PDT
From: rrhollier@yahoo.com"
   Just wanted to send a note letting you know we received your care package. Everything sent means so much to us. We don't have a PX here, so someone is always in need of something extra. Every time we open a box, it gets sorted and put out for anyone to take it.
   It is always good to supply someone in need. Thank you for the wonderful things you are doing for us.

SPC Hollier, Randi Rae,
FOB Orgun-E

12 Jun 2013, 03:52:36 PDT
From: michael.warner@afghan.swa.army.mil
   We are very thankful for the package and the Soldiers were excited about the food and personal hygiene products.
   We are currently at FOB Salerno, Afghanistan and have been here for a couple months now.  Things are going well so far, but we will start retrograding in the near future. I have a total of 8 Soldiers.
   I am the NCOIC [non-commissioned officer in charge] of the S-6 office which in general terms translates to a Communication Specialist Shop.  We provide communication support to the entire unit.
   I would just like to again say thank you for all that you do for all Soldiers. It does mean a lot to know that there are still great people in the country who support the troops and give us morale when we need it the most.
SFC Michael Warner,
10 CAB FOB Salerno

14 Jun 2013
Dear Si,
   My name is Robert Navarro. I am a Corporal on my third deployment to Afghanistan. I am a Rifle Squad leader with 3rd Btn, 4th Marines. I want to thank you on behalf of my squad for the package you sent to us.
   My Marines and I have only been here a month when we received your package. It's good for the new kids on their first deployment that more than just moms and dads are thinking about them back home. It's also good for us “old farts” to get unexpected support from back home.
   You and your people are doing great things and it is well appreciated. You all really do make an impact over here. Patriotism seems to be on the back burner for the American people these days. We will keep doing what we came here to do and God bless you guys for doing yours.

Cpl Robert Navarro, 3/4 Lima Co. 1st Plt,

17 Jun 2013, 07:48:50 PDT
From: bramasun@gmail.com
   Thank you so much for your packages.
   I recently returned from a conference - yes, a conference - and your care packages where waiting when I returned.  Read the articles you included in the care packages and I want to thank you and your volunteers for all your hard work and dedication.
   It is really the little things that you miss out here like being able to take a shower without sandals, having a Oreo cookie, or just going out and watching a movie.

B. Ramasun

23 Jun 2013, 12:33:20 PDT
From: (Send IM to:) USMCKID99usmckid99@aol.com
dear Si Tenenberg,
   I am sending u a quick email to thank you for the package u sent me. It means a lot knowing that nowadays the fine country we live in supports the troops. It means a lot to me also knowing that random strangers are kind enough to make my life easier. and it really helps.
   The one thing it is very difficult for me to get over here is chewing tobacco. I saw on your list that you send those items out. If there’s anyway possible you could send Copenhagen straight that would be the greatest! if not it's ok!
   The stuff you sent alone made my day, thank you so much and keep making a soldier's day by doing what you’re doing!

SPC McManaman, Matthew

25 Jun 2013, 12:28:45 PDT
From: jeff.logan@afghan.swa.army.mil
Mr. Tenenberg,
   My name is Jeff Logan and I received a box yesterday from you.
   When I get boxes in from awesome people such as you, I have my soldiers open the boxes and put the items in our break room that is located in the Battalion.  We have some soldiers who don't get a lot and thanks to kind people such as yourself that send these items, it gives the soldiers a chance to go to the break room and get a snack or anything during the day.
   I looked over the list items that you had on your sheet and everything looks good to me.  I wouldn't send anything that was chocolate. Right now it is over 110 degrees and chocolate doesn't like the heat very well.
   Again, I want to thank you for all the support that you and your organization does for our soldiers.

CSM Jeff Logan,Battalion Sergeant Major,
TF Dynamite,Kandahar Airfield

25 Jun 2013
Dear Mr. Tenenberg,
   My team and I thank you so very much for what you do for the troops out here. We are all members of the Anti-Terrorism team here in SW Afghanistan. Together we are responsible For making sure all operating bases throughout SW Afghanistan have adequate force protection, equipment, and take appropriate force protection measures.
   To put is simply, we make sure all our Troops, Coalition Partners and civilian contractors are safe throughout SW Afghanistan.
   It can be very tough at times being away from friends, family, and loved ones - but with the help of good wholesome people like yourselves, we try to keep morale high and focus on mission accomplishment.
   We highly appreciate the care package you sent and have faith that your kindness to your fellow man will pay dividends to you and your loved ones in the future. Please keep us in your prayers and always remain faithful.

God Bless you and Semper Fidelis
Orlando Higgens, Capt. USMC
RC(SW) C-3 ATFP, from Afghanistan,

19 May 2013, 03:46:36 PDT
From: ryan.verhine@afghan.swa.army.mil
Mr. Tenenberg,
     Thank you for your generous box. I have disseminated it out to our soldiers that are in the remote areas on the mountain. It is easier to resupply them this way because they have no AAFES [Army and Air Force Exchange Service] on a platoon size out post.
     We will take anything you wish to send for our unit no one is picky and have too much pride to ask for specifics.
     I am sure as a former Marine you understand. One thing that we are trying to get for our unit is 3x5 American flags to fly over Afghanistan and send home for father's day; and to former veterans as 4th of July gifts. If you know of anyone that could donate any amount of flags it would be greatly appreciated.

CW2 Verhine

18 May 2013, 22:52:34 PDT
From: manlypat@gmail.com
Dear Si,
     One of your care packages made its way to me this week. Thanks so much for your generosity in supporting the military! I'm stationed with 30 Marines at a forward base on a military advisor team, far from the nearest support. We have to convoy for food, water, ammunition and mail. So when we get care packages with some comfort food and hygiene gear, it really makes a big difference and cheers up our day.
     Our mission is to live with and help train up an Afghan paramilitary unit to be self-sufficient for after the drawdown. We're on a year long deployment in the (very hot) southern part of Afghanistan. Your summer gear, hygiene gear, and snacks are a big boost to morale. I can tell you are a savvy care package giver. Sometimes we'll get a care package out here that is full of completely useless stuff--it's frustrating--but your team is awesome! Every item was useful.
     I see on your menu that you send out Febreeze sometimes. If you feel like sending another care package sometime, I'm here until February. When it's 110 degrees and we're covered in dust and sweat, our little rooms (in the Afghan barracks in which we live) absolutely stink. We've had septic backups, too, so Febreeze is like liquid gold.
     Thanks a million, you really make us feel like we're not forgotten out here. It's the thought that counts.

Okay that's all for now--thanks so much again!
1st Lt Patrick Weeks,

15 May 2013, 08:28:34 PDT
From: tashley414@gmail.com
     Thank you for the package my soldiers really appreciated it. Nothing ever beats the excitement of mail when you're deployed.
     I gave my soldiers the list of items you offer and they gave me a list. black and tan beanies, socks, t-shirts. baby wipes, fly tape, fleece blankets, bodywash, deodorant, flashlights, air freshners, jerky, chips, energy drinks and bars, cigarettes and chew, vitamins. Most of these things we are depending on the mail with the draw down we are losing a lot of amenities, like px's and certain meals.
     We also would like to thank you for what you do it means a lot to us.

Sgt Ashley

11 May 2013
     I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful and helpful care packages. I just received them on Monday, here in Afghanistan, which was a great lift for my troops.
     We recently lost 5 Troops in an attack this past Saturday and the morale of the young men and women was low for the following days. Once I recieved your package, I took it into our common area and heads perked up, smiles showed on their faces; something I hadn't seen in days.
     I just wanted to say that your support means the world to these Soldiers. We do not receive a lot of it, or at least see, or feel it very often. The time you, your volunteers and those who donate, put in is VERY much appreciated.
     I/we plan to email everyone who has sent letters, to say a big thank you to them for spending their precious time on complete strangers. It says a lot about your volunteers and gives us encouragement at the same time.

Again, Thank you, Sir, for all that you do.
FOB Walton, Afghanistan

11 May 2013, 04:30:34 PDT
From: david_mead1@msn.com
     My name is Sgt Mead and I just wanted to say thank you for the care packages that we received today. It really means a lot to my Marines and myself. It boosts morale and helps a lot with everything else we need.
     Your services are very much appreciated and makes me proud to keep our country safe because of people like you. I only wish there were more people out there that appreciated the military like you do.

Thanks again and Semper Fi!
Sgt Mead, D. D. / USMC

10 May 2013, 22:01:38 PDT
From: wattsrob13@gmail.com
     Just wanted to thank you for the care package we received and let you know how much it means to be able to have some of the amenities of home and that it all gets put to good use.

The team and i thank you for your support.
SFC Robert Watts JR

07 May 2013
From: email Address
Dear Sir,
     Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to support my troops.
     I am writing you on behalf of my Platoon. We are currently at a Combat Outpost in a separate location than the rest of our company. My Marines live outside in crudely built defensive sandbag structures and are constantly fending off camel spiders, scorpions, and wild dogs that infiltrate into their living area which takes away their focus from the ever present enemy threat. My Marines are also constantly operating with limited sleep and irregular working hours.
     We are making every effort to ensure sanitary conditions are upheld while still maintaining security. In order to maintain sanitary conditions at our Combat Outpost, we must urinate in PVC pipes with one end buried in the dirt and defecate in bags that we immediately burn.
     It is comforting to know that there are still good people who appreciate the hardships that some of America's young men and women endure.
     Paragraph 6

Thanks again
2nd Lt Allan Wiltshire, USMC
Location or unit

02 May 2013, 03:51:17 PDT
From: wypeout45@gmail.com
Mr. Tenenberg,
     Thank you all so much for the thoughtful package. It will go a long way in motivating my troops.
     I am a Infantryman currently serving in Kabul, Afghanistan. I have been in the Army for nine years this september. I am married and have two daughters.
     Every package we receive as soldiers boosts morale no matter what is inside. It is the knowledge that someone out there we have never even met supports us whole heartedly.

Again, thank you for everything and God bless.
SSG Nicholas Lavers

12 April 2013
     I am currently deployed with 1st ANGLICO to Afghanistan and am living with 15 other Marines in a tent on a Forward Operating Base (fob). I am representing my team for this program. We do not have access to a px, so access to snacks, drinks, or comfort items are very limited. We are fortunate to have electricity in our tent and have successfuly acquired a small refrigerator. We do not however have any cooking utensils, so food choices can be limited.
     We spend the majority of our time patrolling and are typically on the go so items like power bars or cliff bars are highly prized. Also items such as baby wipes and foot powder help with the hygine needs. We do have a shower on the fob, but due to the limited hours the base can run water and our patrol cycle, our team typically only gets to shower once a week.

My team and I greatly appreciate the support your volunteers offer and will greatly appreciate any items donated (we are not picky!)
Cpl Jeffrey S. Hunter

11 April 2013, 02:10:39 PDT
From: marjana.bidwell@afghan.swa.army.mil
Dear Mr. Tenenberg,
     Please send my regards and thanks to all who contributed to sending my Soldier's care packages. The past few months that I have been in theater, I have really been in awe of how much love and support Americans like yourself bring to the fight. It is essential and greatly appreciated.
     I just want to let you know how what you send impacts the Soldier who is out here in this war-torn country. Feminine products are hard to come by, especially when you're on a base with no way to purchase it. You either think way ahead and have loved ones from back home send things or you bring what you can when you ship out.
     Love and support in the form of care packages makes that sacrifice all the more worthwhile. It's like a little bit of America is sent to us in each one. So thank you for what you're are doing, it's an incredible thing. God Bless you and I hope to hear from you again

CPT Marjana E. Bidwell,

11 April 2013
     I just wanted to thank everyone who has sent my team mail, we share all the packages. Bad morale is a growing problem. We enjoy the letters we get, it shows that people really care. It really means a lot to myself as well as the rest of the soldiers on my team.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

1LT Ryan Nehus

10 April 2012, X

     First I want to thank you for your kind and generous support. Second, I would like to say that during the draw down, things are getting worse for the troops here.
     I am deployed to a location in Afghanistan with no American PX or Chow Hall and what little support we do receive has been cut in half because of the draw down. Our Airmen are coping very well here considering, but certain things are lacking that we can't find here: Healthy snacks and simple American toiletries. We can buy meat and vegetables off the Afghan economy, so seasonings would be nice as well.

MSgt Gray

5 April 2013
Dear Si,
     I am a Special Forces “Green Beret Doc” at a remote combat outpost in Afghanistan. My team travels all over Afghanistan to some very dangerous areas.
     We recently received one of your packages. You need to know how much it was appreciated.There is no PX or store to buy the necessities contained in your boxes.
     I am completing my third tour in Afghanistan and will fly home to Utah shortly. May our Lord continue to bless you.

Thank you,
“Doc J”

08 April 2013, 05:22:27 PDT
From: bryan.vanallman@gmail.com
Hello Sonny,
     My name is SPC.Bryan VanAllman and I and the other medics I am serving with received a care package from you. I got lucky today and had some time to myself and wanted to take a few minutes to write you and say how much we all appreciate what you have done for us even if you or others think it's a small thing to send a care package with a few goodies from home. We are more than thankful and our day is brightened by the arrival of such a kind gesture.
     I for one have found a renewed spirit of hope for our nation in that I see from the acts of you and people like you that all the goodness is not yet gone from our hearts. So much in the news and fraught with low and unseemly acts that it's hard to feel like they're are any good people left out in the world. You and others like you take the time to reach out to those of us who fight so far away from home not knowing us from anyone or anything and give us the simple kindness of knowing we are in someones heart and mind and that we are not forgotten. For that I give you all my thanks from the depths of my heart.
     You may never know how much those small things you do effect others but thank you for giving what you can and giving us something to remember when we are struggling and the days get long and hard. You are in my prayers and I hope you and yours have all “the health and happiness you deserve."


02 April 2013, 05:28:23 PDT
From: phljns224@aol.com
Mr. Tenenberg,
     On behalf of the Soldiers here in Afghanistan and D-26th FA TA I would like to thank you for your support. We do appreciate everything you've done for us. It is not easy being here on the other side of the world.
     We currently could use a food package or two and some more of those awesome socks would help us out.
     I'm sure you've witnessed before that some of the men don't take to combat as easily as others. So when we do get packages it brightens up their day; attitudes change (for the better), and the quality of life here generally improves. So thank you for making my job of providing purpose direction and motivation a little easier.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the support.
SSG Philip Jones Shindand, AFG
D-26th FA TA, Afghanistan

01 April 2013, 03:00:59 PDT
From: chrishicks32@hotmail.com
     My name is Christopher Hicks and I am here in Afghanistan at COP Bande Sardeh. I read in your letter, you are a Marine and served in the Korean War. I say are and not were because I have an uncle that is a Marine who served in the Vietnam War. And I was corrected only once that once a Marine always a Marine.
     Anyway, we received a package from you the other day and I have to say it was well received by my Soldiers. I just wanted to say thank you, because out here it's hard to really get anything. It is really hard to get cigarettes or chew out at a place like this and most people won't send those anyway. Accept the ex-vets because they know how it is.
     This is my 2nd Tour in Afghanistan, and I am now the 1SG for the company that is here at Bande Sardeh. I have been an Instructor, Drill Sergeant, been to Airborne and Air Assault School, but I love these Soldiers and I appreciate people like you that do what you do for them.

Hope you have a Happy Easter.
COP Bande Sardeh, Afghanistan

23 March 2012,7:40:03 PDT
From: Jeff.E.Sherman@afghan.swa.army.mil
To Si and supporters,
     My team and I just received your package and opened it together here in Afghanistan. My Soldiers and I were very excited as we went through the box dispersing its contents. I have several Soldiers spread around the area, some in more secluded places where they are very limited on things they can acquire so when we receive these boxes I am able to get the much needed morale items out to them.
     We all appreciate your letters and just hearing from fellow Americans that support what we do out here. The boxes are great as they give us that little piece of the United States that is largely missing here.
     Additionally, the box had a variety gender specific things which was good because I have several female Soldiers under my charge.
     I thank you all again for your support and wish you a happy Easter in the upcoming months.

Very Respectfully,
Jeff Sherman, SSGT,
4-3 IBCT, 3ID,FOB Shank, Afghanistan

22 March 2013,
     Thank you for your continued support for our soldiers overseas. The bases over here are continuing to close down which means our hot food is going to be going away very soon.
     Here are a few more things we could use over here--Microwaveable meals (ravioli, chili, soup), A lot of us drink the Instant breakfast drinks or Protein drinks (boost, carnation), Gum, Coffee Keurig Cups, snacks such as the tuna and crackers meals-makes a quick meal if need be, canned ravioli, fruit cups, pop tarts, breakfast bars, ramen noodles, and hard candy.
     We thank you for taking time to send us goodies over here-all of us really appreciate it.

God Bless,
Joshua Nunley,
2-10 BCT FOB Sharana, Afghanistan

21 March 2013, 02:59:51 PDT
From: thomas.e.ellis@afghan.swa.army.mil
Mr. Tenenberg,
     First please allow me to offer my sincere thanks to you and your volunteers for taking the time to send packages not only to myself and the soldiers in my unit but also to all of my brothers and sisters in arms. I took the time to read each and every single letter, notes and newspaper clipping included in the package, THANK YOU all for the time you donate to show those of us over here that people still care.
     My name is Tom Ellis I am from Hopewell Junction NY, I am on my 4th deployment in 12 years. I am the Father of 7, yes I said 7,children, that was not a typo. I love all of my children with all my heart and miss them very much. I have been gone all but 29 days since 18 May 2012, and I am not scheduled to return home until sometime in June or July ,the good lord willing.
     The guys love the Ramen noodles we can add water and set it in the sun and they are done in about 5 minutes. They all want the Green boot socks as one of the soldiers got some in another package and they swear they are the best thing since sliced bread. We almost had a wrestling match over the two pair that came in this package. Baby wipes are always welcome as opposed to the sand paper provided in MRE's.
     Again Sir, I would like to say that the soldiers in my unit and I all salute your efforts to make a bunch of knuckleheads from NY feel like there are people at home who do care about what we are doing. My only hope is that my children never have to lace a pair of boots up and walk the path that I have walked it is not fun and can be very lonely sometimes. If you would please pass my e mail address to the volunteers that would be great.
     Things here can get pretty hectic as the fine gentlemen of Afghanistan are starting to warm up and getting a little frisky. Things do get somewhat crazy around here especially at 0100 in the damn morning. We all wish they would learn to play nice but we all know that is not going to happen.
     SEMPERI FI and thank you for your service

Very Respectfully,
SPC Thomas E. Ellis Jr.,
A CO 101 ESB

18 Mar 2013, X
Hello everyone.
     My unit and I thank you for all the support you are giving. Everyone has enjoyed all the items that have been sent. Soon we will be only getting 1 hot meal per day and eating MRE’s (meals ready to eat) for the rest of the day. We still live in "PODS" with 220v outlets inside and have some of the services like laundry, bottled water.
     Work days are a bit longer. Hygiene items such as shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. are becoming more scarce. My Marines are would like anything that is microwavable, powdered drink mix, beef products (jerky or sticks), tuna (can or pack), and any other canned food items.
     We all thank you for your support and it is this kind of support that gives us the drive to complete the mission and get home

God bless.
HM2 David Rodriguez,

18 March 2013, 04:09:28 PDT
From: eddy.perez@afghan.swa.army.mil
My name is SFC Perez,
     I just received your care package and its great.The men love the all the goodies and snacks. We were all really glad and thrill to see that some people still care about the troops out here.
     I'll tell you a bit about the team. We are the only 12 man currently deployed out of the 4th Infantry Division from Ft. Carson, CO. We work as an SFAAT team to assist and advice the Afghan Police during our transition here. We all love what we do but can't wait to get back to our families.
     Again sir thank you for all you do and all of your support for the troops. I can't tell you what to send us sir but anything will help us. We have no PX nor any way to get the basics other than our families and people like yourself sending care packages.

God bless.
SFC Perez, Eddy,

15 March 2013, 04:47:14 PDT
From: John.Tedder@afg.usmc.mil
     We received your care package and the boys were happy. Thank you again to you and your helpers.
     The cigarettes and chewing tobacco was a huge hit, they didn’t know that you guys would send that stuff. So thank you again for making their day! Everyone is doing well, staying busy and enjoying the warmer temperatures. It has been in the high 70’s and maybe low 80’s the past few days, very nice weather.
     I hope all is well over in San Luis Obispo. I love that area, beautiful county. Take care and well talk to you soon. Thank you once again.

Semper Fi,
Gunny T.

13 March 2013
Hi, my name is Dylan Hart
     We live in small air-conditioned tents, with no flushing toilets. We do have hot showers, however. We also have electricity, and a laundry service.
     Food is badly needed. We do not have any cookware or appliances. no microwaves, refrigerators or freezers. Gloves and headlamps, as we work mainly at night, are always needed, as well as batteries for the headlamps (typically AAA, sometimes AA.
     I am representing my platoon. We are the scout platoon for our unit based out of Fort Bliss, TX. We provide reconnaissance for our battalion by means of observation and patrols. We train specifically in communicating with air support and fire support for our ground troops.

Hoping to hear from you,
Dylan Hart, HHC

13 March 2013, X
From: email Address
     My name is SSgt Sundell and I am currently deployed to Afghanistan.My unit is from Southern California and I am in charge of a platoon, but I have other platoons who I also will be supporting with your packages and letters.
     I have been a Volunteer Contact for my unit on multiple deployments and have had the absolute best support from everyone. We do not have any sort of PX or store in our area, other than on rare occasions. All of our needs other than MRE's, Water and those things that are issued come from care packages.
     I do have a few Marines who don't have a lot of Family or friends and could use pen pals as well. We are an all male unit and do not have any females with us currently. Once again thank you for all your support and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes and God Bless–
SSGT Ben Sundell USMC,

3/13/2013: From: SSgt Benjamin S Sundell USMC 10 March 2013, 01:46:34 PDT
From: larry.jones7@afghan.swa.army.mil
     My name is Larry Jones. The soldiers and I would like to thank you for the care package that was sent. We enjoyed the phone cards, the socks, and the health products. We are located near Kabul and our PX is very small.
     We thank you for the letters and pictures and all the support you offer to all the troops.

Thank you again for your support and thinking of us,

07 Mar 2013, X
From: email Address
     We are an advisory unit that travels out to remote locations frequently. There is not a PX available to us to purchase comfort items. There isnt any breakfast service due to FOB closings.
     Breakfast items are the big items that we are looking for, ie; coffee, coffee creamer, oatmeal, etc., But anything that is sent is very much appreciated.

Thank you for all you do,
SSG Larry H. Parker,

05 March 2013, 01:28:35 PDT
From: matthew.kockx@afghan.swa.army.mil
     Just wanted to say thank you for the packages that you sent.
     I was reading your letter and saw some items that I could really put to good use out here : Summer bootsocks size L, Short sleeve shirts XL, Bug spray ,Tan head beanies ,Black gloves ,Batteries, Led flashlights,Cigarettes (lights),Tuna, Canned Chef Boyardee, Ez mac.
     It’s people like you that really make things easier for us over here.

From the bottom of my heart thank you,
Matthew J. Kockx,SSG, U.S. Army,
43d Sustainment Brigade (CMRE).Kandahar Airfield (KAF), Afghanistan

28 February 2013
     We have been here for 2 months and the FOB is running out of food( either because of logistical problems, FOB closure, or hostile intent toward trucks). Water is another problem as for some reason our DFAC Is the only supply of water. All of our water drop-offs have been dry for days now and there is no word of resupply anytime soon.
     What we need right now is food to last daily until dinner chow.Also any drinks would be most welcome.
     We look forward to your continuing support with food and drinks to support our mission.

SPC Matthew King,
FOB ARYAN, Afghanistan

2/28/2013:FROM MATTHEW KING, 28 February 2013, X
     This FOB is closing down and lots of things the soldiers need are lacking. Due to the dwindling food supply at this base. We need food, tuna, cereal, granola, and Chef Boy-ar-dee. Anything you send will be put to good use.

Thanks for the support,
SPC Andrew Schwanger, TF
1-101 No Mercy,FOB SALERNO

27 February 2013, X
From: email Address
     We are short on supplies and anything you can send us we will really appreciate. Especially any food and snack items.


27 February 2013, 01:38:10 PST
From: michael.j.morley@afghan.swa.army.mil
     On behalf of the 519th Military Intelligence Battalion Soldiers I want to thank you for your care package and support. The items in packages are well received by the Soldiers. It really raises the morale of the Soldiers when we get care packages. It's patriots like yourselves that keep our country the best in the world. Thank you again for support and packages.

God Bless,
SFC Michael Morley,
519th MI BN, Operation NCOIC

27 February 20132, X
     Thank you for your great support. We have been really busy out here and couldn’t do it without your support. Its good to know there are good people who still realize the war is going on and continue to send us stuff. We always look forward to the packages so please keep them coming.
     Food is wanted as the contract with the DEFAC has ended and will not be renewed so there isn’t much food out here other than what we get from the care packages.
     Paragraph 3
     Paragraph 4
     Paragraph 5
     Paragraph 6

Thanks again for all you have done.
Sgt Richard Chandler,
Delta Co, 1-101 AVN, FOB Salerno, Afghanistan

26 February 2013, 22:03:36 PST
From: tannerlnbrg@hotmail.com
Hello Si,
     I got your box the other day, I would like to thank you VERY much. The packages we get are ALWAYS appreciated very much! For the most part we are good on a lot of things but there are a few that would be nice. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor's are definitely on the list of things that we need! Other things that would be nice include, air fresheners, beef jerky, cheese crackers, Chef Boy-ar-dee, and canned fruit, well and a cigar or two haha.
     I would like to say again thank you for what you guys do! We all liked the letters with the picture also!

Semper Fi,
Tanner Ellenberg,
96th ASB 101 CAB,FOB SHANK, Afghanistan

25 February 2013, 20:43:31 PST
From: tyler.rokey@us.army.mil
Hello Sonny,
     Sorry it took me so long to write back. things are kind of crazy here. I really appreciate the package. Tell everyone involved thanks. I also want to thank you for what you have done for your Country. It really hard to be away for so long and this is my 2nd time doing this. My First time was to Iraq.

Thanks again.
SGT Tyler Rokey

16 February 2013, 05:07:47 PST
From: John.Tedder@afg.usmc.mil
     From all of us in Afghanistan, thank you so much for the care package. It is always warming to our hearts to know we have support from back in the states.
     This deployment is the first for a lot of my Marines. It will be a challenge for all but with your support, it will ease the stress of everyday life out here. This is number eight for me, and it’s still not an easy transition.
     I have been a sponsor for my Marines, for the last four of my deployments and the support we get is truly amazing. Thank you! There is nothing wasted out here, all surplus is boxed up and flown out to the Marines in the field.
     I take great pleasure in flying the surplus to our brothers and sister less fortunate. I am a tail gunner on the CH53E, one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve done in the Marines yet. Our mission is Heavy lift, we move a lot of personnel as well as gear to the guys in the field. Don’t get me wrong, we are all in the field, some just have it better than others.
     So a little about me, I have been doing this amazing job for eighteen years now and I love every minute of it….ok not every minute!! Truly it’s a great job with many skills to be acquired. We can’t thank you guys enough for your support, you truly are our #1 FANS!!
     Paragraph 6

Semper Fi,
Gunny T.

07 February 2013, 01:42:27 PST
From: thurman.purdiman@afg.usmc.mil
     First let me take the time to thank you for your Service to this great Country of ours and for your support of those of us still in uniform. You are always a U.S. Marine. There are no former Marines.
     I received a box from you out here in Delaram, Afghanistan. My unit has been out here for the past 4 months and still have 8 more to get past before we are finally back home with our loved ones.
     We are all from Camp Lejeune, NC. We are part of an Advisor team tasked with providing assistance and training to Afghan Soldiers so that they may ensure this area is secure upon our departure. We have our good days and our bad days but mostly the good ones.
     I will take the time to mention that our unit could benefit from several items you have listed in your printout. General use: All of the items listed. And for Winter Special green boot socks, Long sleeve T-shirts from Medium to X-large, Sweatshirts the same sizes. Snacks would include Cigarettes, Cigars, vitamins, and gummy bears.
     Thanks again for supporting those of us still in the field.
     Paragraph 6

GySgt Thurman Purdiman Jr,RCSW
4-215 BDE AT

03 February 2013, 06:52:08 PST
From: villarreal.arnulfo@gmail.com
Hello Sonny,
     I want to start by thanking you so much for your care package. It really meant a lot and helped out morale. I wrote you a letter, but I wanted to send you an email as well since this will get to you faster. Everything you sent was greatly appreciated by my fellow brothers and myself included.
     It means a lot to us to know that we are appreciated by the very people we swore to defend. I would also like to thank you so much for your own service way back when. Without you, we wouldn't have this great country to defend.
     I must say it, thank you once again! Everyone is grateful for your contribution.

Have a good day and may God bless you.

01 February 2013, 21:26:10 PST
From: robert_cotter@hotmail.com
Mr. Tenenberg,
     Hello, my name is SPC Robert Cotter. I am serving in southern Afghanistan and just received a package from you. I wanted to start by saying that this was the most comprehensive and amazing package I have ever received. You are good! It made my day even more than usual because I had just come off a rainy and cold guard shift protected our ECP. To come back to my room and see that package on my bed was amazing. I am actually wearing a pair of the socks you sent right now.
     Since you sent so many great products, I gave a majority of the items to other guys that don't get many packages. But the socks I had to hold on to, haha.
     We are on a small COP in a rural part of Afghanistan It has been quiet so far we are thinking because of the weather. It is warming up quickly, earlier than expected. We are all hoping for the fighting season to start early this year so we can finish the fight and our children will not have to return to this place.
     I read the letters enclosed in the box and wanted to thank each and every one of you that was involved in the process. It is a great feeling to know we have support from our families and great americans like yourselves.. Also a huge thanks to the First Baptist Church of San Luis Obispo. The guys and I thank you again for what you all do and please know that these packages go along way for morale not to mention keeping our feet warm.

SPC Robert Cotter

17 January 2013, 03:12:21 PST
From: edward.newton2@gmail.com
Hello Si, Marilyn, and Charlie,
     I am writing this letter because I have received care packages from you. I want to make sure you know that I am really, truly thankful for you and your kindness to myself and fellow soldiers. Each member of my team is extremely grateful for your outpouring of kindness and support of us. It is because of people like you that we gladly sacrifice our time and selflessly serve our great nation.I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, we are just super busy working 14 hour days 7 days a week right now.
     The items you have sent have been distributed to our team, who have expressed much gratitude. We are all humbled that someone like yourself would so readily spend hard earned dollars and take the time to care about us. You are a great example of why we have the greatest nation on earth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything! If you would like to correspond via email, please feel free to email me anytime at: edward.newton2@gmail.com I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.
     Paragraph 3
     Paragraph 4
     Paragraph 5
     Paragraph 6

SSG Edward Newton,Recon Mentor

11 January 2013
From: email Address
Dear Supporters,
     Happy New Year! Sorry for the long delay in writing back. The team has been extremely busy since the week before Thanksgiving. As I mentioned months ago, the team’s primary focus is on recruiting and training local village police in the districts. Over the past few months we have made significant progress in our province but as you might imagine, this progress has angered and emboldened many locals who actively support one of the many insurgent groups.
     Over the past two months the team has received reports from the Afghan government that locals were claiming that we (the Team) had committed outrageous atrocities against them. These allegations were all over the place, from abuse to summary executions and not once did the accusers produce any evidence. As I am sure you could imagine, these allegations are taken seriously at all levels and we have been busy detailing our activities, highlighting that many of the accused victims were detained and controlled by Afghan forces and pointing out that the accusers are all anti-coalition or pro-insurgency. Insurgency most definitely involves war by political means.
     It hasn’t all been bad news, though. Now that we have successfully dealt with the allegation nonsense we are finally starting to see some real progress in regard to recruiting local police. We are currently finalizing plans to process, train and equip several new classes.
     On behalf of the team I would like to thank you for your generous support over the holidays. I think the team received over 30 boxes of treats and snacks that were much appreciated. Over the next week I will be writing as many of you as time permits in order to thank you personally.
     Currently we are experiencing our 3rd snow fall of the season. We received about 10 inches the day after Thanksgiving, followed by 2 feet a month later on the 27th. Most of the team was lulled in to a false sense of security by the slightly warmer December days but reality has intervened in the form of sub-zero January nights. During the day the sun has been slightly melting the snow on all of the inclines of the camp, which of course, turns in to a slick at night. Having been to Norway on deployment, many of us have prepared for this by wearing ice-trekkers everywhere.

In closing,I again thank you for your continued support.
Jim Glover,
USMC Provincal Team, Afghanistan

09 January 2013, 03:30:26 PST
From: sipiboi24@yahoo.com
Dear Si (Sonny) Tenenberg,
     I just wanted to take time out to thank you for the care packages. It means so much to see that people really care about the troops. My Soldiers enjoyed everything that you sent us. I wish that I could do more than just this email, because words could not express the way you made my troops feel.

Again, I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, and just know that your graciousness is forever in our hearts.